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5 reasons businesses still need to invest in a website today

Today’s business landscape demands knowledge of consumer trends in both digital and mobile behavior. Social media seems like the way to go, but for small businesses establishing their credibility and market presence, websites remain platforms remains more ideal. With GoDaddy’s Website Builder, small businesses and “solopreneurs” make it much easier to have one.

Here are reasons why investing in a website pays off big time.

Websites provide businesses industry relevance

To date, over 60 million local internet users[1] in the Philippines search for products and services.

Businesses intent on staying relevant in the industry need to build suitable platforms for consumers. For example, it helps to set up digital assets connecting the brand and its customers. Moreover, users appreciate being able to find what they need with just a search, click or scroll.

Businesses can strengthen customer-brand relationships

Whether or not the customer inquires out of curiosity, they value a positive response to the question, “do you have a website?”

New or established, businesses need provide people a channel they can access for information on a product or service. In addition, this helps build an initial relationship with the customers. Also, more importantly, businesses should pursue a mobile-first approach in making their websites. After-all, local smartphone penetration will reportedly grow to 70% by 2018[2].

Marketing the brand becomes easier

Word-of-mouth referrals, flyers, and promos may help the business grow its reach, but only so much.

On the other hand, a company’s website serves as a home for its marketing efforts. Potential customers would more likely engage if a business had a platform for its services. For example, more accessible information could influence them to purchase a product.

E-Commerce Has Never Been Simpler

Local e-commerce has gone up to nearly 50% [3], and more and more people have been shopping online. Apart from a physical store, an online space for product purchase also helps. Customers unable to come to the physical store would appreciate the presence of a website that supports e-commerce.

Business is Booming

Finally, websites help back up a business’s success through numbers alone. An online portfolio provides current and prospective customers an overview of services a business can offer them. In addition, a business can showcase client feedback to further strengthen their credibility.

Build a Website today with GoDaddy’s Website Builder

The presence of a website makes sense if a business intends on establishing industry presence.

Start investing and build a website today with GoDaddy’s new Website Builder. With strengthened mobile capacities, smart-learning, e-mail marketing, and social media integration, the Website Builder can set a business apart from its competitors with just a few clicks.

For more information on GoDaddy’s Website Builder, visit https://ph.godaddy.com/websites/website-builder.

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[3] Statista.com’s Philippine e-commerce growth data

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