5 reasons why I would start using Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is now out of Beta and the full version will be ready for downloading tomorrow noon. I just got back from the Microsoft Philippines office where they demoed the exciting stuff the new Internet Explorer is capable of. I’ve shunned Internet Explorer ever since I’ve used Firefox and Chrome a few years ago but with this version 9, I’m going to give it another go on my Windows 7 machine.

Here are a 5 reasons why I would be installing and start using Internet Explorer 9 again.

Utilizes your GPU


Whether you have an integrated graphics or a discrete one, IE 9 will be able to use it to speed things up when rendering text, videos and animation. There’s this speed test demo online where we got to compare side-by-side the frame rate on this fish tank video using IE 9 and a Google Chrome. IE 9 played the video smoothly while Chrome produced a whole lot of stuttering. This GPU utilization is not depended on the website, IE 9 will automatically use your machine’s GPU regardless if the site you’re viewing is content heavy or not.

Jump List


This one plain rocks. You can pin a site to your Windows 7’s shortcut bar and if the site has a jump list, it will automatically use it. So for example you pin Facebook on your shortcut bar, it will also show you notifications from your Facebook and the jump list will be populated with some FB links like your messages, profile, settings, etc. Not all website will have this jump list ready although popular ones like Twitter, CNN, Amazon and others do.

Do note that this Jump List only works on Windows 7.

Simpler interface


One of the reason why I love using Chrome is because of its minimalist interface. IE 9 decided to go this route by just displaying less of the browser and more of the website. Tabs are displayed alongside the address field that also functions as a search engine field which they call the One Box. It’s space saving but you may find it hard to get used to if you’re coming from other browsers. You have the option to show it on a separate bar though which is a nice addition. Oh each tab is also independent of each other so when one crashes, the other tabs are not affected.

Chakra Engine

This one’s a JavaScript engine that has been improved a lot since the last release candidate of IE 9. We were told that it’s 75% faster as compared to the last version when interpreting, compiling and executing codes. Multi-core CPUs, even dual-core Atom netbooks will greatly benefit from IE 9’s multithreaded tasks.

Most malware secure browser


Microsoft boasts this independent study by NSS Labs which compares different browsers when looking at a web page capable of delivering a malicious malware payload. Internet Explorer 9 blocked 99% of the threats encountered while Firefox 3.6 only blocked 19%. Chrome 6 didn’t fare well with only a 3% block rate.

I have to say that I came away impressed with IE 9 after that press launch. Just being able to utilize the GPU for web sites was already a major factor for me to give IE 9 another try. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s download availability.

NOTE: Internet Explorer 9 will only work with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  • nah..its not web developer friendly.. out of this world.. IE is not standard as other browser 🙂

    • that was before. but with IE 9 they’re really pushing for HTML 5, CSS 3 and all those other DOM stuff.

      • That’s actually one of the features I was looking for: support for html5 and css3. 🙂

        However, there doesn’t seem to be enough proof of that from IE9. Yet.

  • Gian Faye

    They used that fish tank as an example again. They developed that demo and we are not sure what codes they included on that to make it work faster in IE9 than other browsers. I think the main issue here is its speed when used with the standards, not with something they created.

    Regarding the malware security data, I also distrust it. I may sound pro Google but I think Google has more experience with pawning malware infested sites as they crawl the interwebs more often than other web engines we have.

    Though as you said, let’s give it a try. IE has been a headache to most users and developers but there’s no reason to not give it another chance.

    • yeah… hmmm, wish there’s another way to test content performance capability of a browser using an independent site.

  • Messie

    This looks interesting 🙂

  • GPU & Safety = IE 9
    Speed = Chrome

    IE 9 is great for 3D Browser games since it utilizes your GPU. Pero sa chrome pa din ako, wala kasi sa mac 🙁

  • imitator_101

    The tests show that ie9 was compared to chrome 6. were already on chrome version 10. Talk about picking battles you know you’ll win.

    • true… but would you agree that ie 9 > firefox 3.6?

  • Harley Son

    i am using the beta of IE9 and i will surely try the latest one! i use alot of browser in my lappy: chrome, firefox, safari and IE9 beta. i usually use my chrome and IE9 beta. just that chrome is still way faster in my lappy. dont know why. i am using a vista.

    • yeah mabilis talaga maglaunch yung chrome. gusto ko compare chrome and ie9 on windows 7 bukas.

  • Messie

    Well, I have a decent PC. Above average processor, sufficient RAM, and passable vid card. I can play games (SCII, COD, etc) at mid to high settings with no problem, but for some reason, ang bagal pa rin dito ng ibang FB games specifically Cafe World. Gumagapang pa rin lalo na pag madaming elements dun sa game. Now, if IE 9 will make it smoother by utilizing my GPU, then I’m sold. Definitely.

    • sige! let us know once you install the full version of IE 9 please. naka Win 7 ka naman right?

      • Messie

        Yup, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Sa totoo this is how they should have tested it e. People play FB games and how awesome it will be if it will run better in IE 9 than in other browsers.

        Boss Calvin, pa headline sa blog once the download is available ha. Thanks! Thanks!

        • messie ready for download na IE 9.

  • Messie

    I’ll download this when I get home. :)Thanks!

  • Messie

    Alright, so I downloaded and installed IE9 for Win7 64bit , here are the things I noted about this browser:

    -First feedback: ang bagal mag install =/

    -‎2nd feedback: needs a restart after installation. Hmmm.. Windows 7 is treating this like an OS update. May configuring windows pa upon reboot.

    -First thing I did is to work on bookmarks. it crashed agad when I imported them from firefox. I don’t know why pero you can’t import bookmarks from Chrome (not in the choices). Ginawa ko na lang is export bookmarks to file sa Chrome tapos import sa IE

    -Managing bookmarks is a pain. You can’t select multiple bookmarks so you can’t delete them. Every bookmark is treated like a hot link so dragging to select multiple bookmarks is not possible.

    -I needed to download a special flash player for this since my browser is 64 bit. It’s called the flash player “Square” from Adobe.

    -Big turn-off: Middle click to open in new tab does not work in IE 9!!! >( I miss it already

    -I tried to pin facebook but the jump list feature did not work. I don’t know why. Besides, when you open a pinned site, it opens in another window instead of another tab. I don’t know if you can set that in a way.

    -So I tried playing Cafe world in it. It looked a bit different, meaning there was “some” 3d rendering was used, but it is still laggy on my end. There might be some improvement but it is too menial to notice.

    So generally, it feels a bit unstable. There were some setting that I think I’m not used to, being a firefox and chrome user. Yeah, it may rival Chrome in speed, but I don’t feel comfortable using IE. Alright, alright it just came out… maybe I’ll wait for some updates before setting it up as my default browser.

    End verdict: I’m putting IE 9 on the wait list for now and will still be using Google Chrome =D

    • thanks for the input messie. ako for one naghang agad yung yahoo mail ko. i think i was dragging it around while it was loading. i couldn’t close that tab so i had to end all IE processes.

      gumana yung facebook jumplist sa akin, pero yeah ni-treat nya as new window and i couldn’t drag it back to an existing window. so workaround here is use the facebook window as your main browser para dun mag-appear ibang tabs.

      • Messie

        Okay, I tried again and I found out that the jumplist only works on the 32 bit internet explorer =/ Sa 64 bit ayaw talaga e. It installs both the 64 and the 32 bit ones when you download the 64 bit installer.

        For me, the killer is that the middle click does not open links in new tabs. If I remember it right, meron naman ganung feature sa IE 8 ah. why did they took it out kaya? =(

      • Messie

        Or baka sa 32 bit lang gumagana iyung middle click? I’m going to try it later when I get home. I don’t have admin privileges here sa work to upgrade my IE e. ahehe.

  • stacey ricks

    Internet Explorer 9 is the most stable and fastest version of IE ever. I also like the minimalist look of the browser which reminds me of Opera.