5 smartphone features that are overrated

It seems that every week there’s a new smartphone announced or launched and most of the time, it’s almost the same as that of ones that are announced earlier. Just a little bit different spec-wise.

When looking for a new smartphone, what’s that certain uncommon feature that matters to you? Before you say that a smartphone sucks because it lacks a certain feature, do you ask yourself if it’s something that you really want or need?

Here are 5 features of smartphones that I think people (not all) should not be concerned about when a phone doesn’t have it.


Near Field Communication or NFC is the evolution of Bluetooth pairing. Instead of setting up BT on devices for pairing, NFC just require you to bump your devices together to communicate. Sounds cool right? On paper yes, and if you have a lot of NFC devices.

However, just like Bluetooth, there’s the initial “œsetup” required to authenticate a device for future NFC pairing say for example an NFC speaker. So in that regard, it’s still the same as Bluetooth. Once paired, it will automatically pair the next time around if it sees it. Not that hot anymore huh?

Xperia SmartTags

I guess at this moment, the practical application would be those NFC tags where you can set rules for your phone to follow once bumped. I’m sure there are far more better applications for NFC in the future but right now (and maybe next year), it’s just a nice-to-have phone feature.

microSD slot

When a phone doesn’t come with a microSD slot, I always see a lot of people cringe. It’s funny because I doubt if most of these people really need more than 16GB (they stopped producing non-microSD slot phones with only 8GB storage me thinks) worth of storage space.


Of course, there are media hogs out there who don’t have time to delete games they don’t play, or videos they won’t watch anymore. To those types of people, maybe an extra 32GB might eventually not be enough as well.


LTE or Long Term Evolution gives users access to mobile high-speed internet. Now who wouldn’t want that? Well, unless you’re going to be using your phone as a tether to download torrents, I don’t see why a high-speed Internet is of use for the average smartphone user.


Yeah it looks cool to share your LTE speed test results on Facebook but it does get old, trust me. 3G should be fine (even for Skyping) and its less power hungry. Don’t pass a good phone just because it doesn’t have LTE.


So you want a phone that you can take with you while you shower? Ok. Whatever floats your boat. But do you know how phones get waterproofed? They use rubber flaps to cover exposed ports such as the microUSB. And you know what happens if you keep on opening and closing these flaps whenever you want to charge your phone? They eventually get loose (quickly I should say) so there goes your waterproofing.

xperia v with loose flap

If you really want to waterproof your phone, get a well-built waterproof case for it instead.

Full HD screen

Ooh check it, my phone has Full HD. Awesome right? Well, not really. A 1080p movie is about 6GB so how many movies can you put there to enjoy your Full HD screen? Or how often do you download Full HD videos?


Unless you always connect your mobile device to your big screen, you really don’t need a Full HD resolution. If you’re watching a lot of Full HD videos, I always suggest doing it on a 40″ and above screen. On a 5-inch phone, you really won’t notice much difference if the screen is Full HD or just HD so don’t get a phone just because it has a Full HD resolution.


There are many smartphones right now, some with dazzling built-in features, but if you’re looking for one, the deciding factors should still be the basics: price, platform, design, brand and then your intangibles in any order of preference according to your primary usage.

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  • koki_motok


  • fredderator

    Well said, Sir.

  • pfb

    i have to agree with you on almost all the above-mentioned features except for the microsd slot.

    good if you have atleast 16gb internal memory; you could fit all the apps you want – except you when you’re a true blue music or movie lover that feature comes to fore.

    ika nga sa pilipino, “di baleng sobra wag lang kulang”

    • lawrence

      I have a 16GB tablet. good thing it has a microsd slot.
      if you have a thing for HD games, music and videos, a 16GB internal storage won’t be enough. so there’s a need for external storage. So, I don’t agree with a microSD slot as being over-rated as well.

  • lawrence

    You may also add MEGAPIXEL of the camera. some people think that the “more the merrier” applies to cameras. it’s the quality of the hardware and the software that counts. and how often do you use the 13 megapixel shot only to post it on social networks which are eventually resized (or downsized to be more specific)…

    • oh yeah!!! damn how could i’ve missed that.

    • The whole world does not only revolve around SNS. Not two people are alike, just like snowflakes on a white storm. Again, the power of choice is in your hands. 😀

      • a

        tama tol..kailangan bang maging bias kaung mga bloggers kau palagi kc wala ang mga features n to s iPhone?

    • Mon

      May nagsabi sa akin na nasa quality ng lens yung ikalilinaw ng camera hindi doon sa number ng megapixels…. 🙂

  • chizburger

    C’mon who wouldn’t want those extra features on a phone??

    Let me guess… Youre an iphone user?

  • Casey

    I disagree with the 3G being enough. I’m a Globe postpaid user and their service sucks. There are times that I can’t even send a tweet. What more kung Skype? Can’t imagine the quality. Then again, it depends on the area. Pero dapat ayusin na ng telcos yung service nila. I hear SMART is doing a very good job with their LTE.

    • aze

      your problem is not because your phone is 3g its your telco. shifting to LTE will only make things worst, globe LTE is on MAKATI only, Smart = METRO Manila. last holy week i was on Mt.Maculot in batangas, i open my internet connection and it successfully connected in HSDPA+, so area mo lang ang may problema baka sa loob ng bahay mahina, o ba ka antenna ng phone mo eh lokbu.

      • haha

        haha, ba ka antenna ng phone mo daw eh lokbu? haha, ang yabang!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Casey

        We’re talking about the LTE feature being overrated, and for me it’s not. Opinion ko yun eh. And besides, hindi lang ako ang nakakaexperience ng ganito. Millions of users here in the Philippines. Kaya hndi mo dapat sinusuggest na bulok ang antenna ng phone ko. AND HNDI LANG SA MAKATI ANG LTE NG GLOBE. Get your facts straight.


        you can find all the locations of LTE sites there.

        You really have no right, we all here can express our opinions. And I disagree with the LTE part in this article.

        • aze

          ganito kasi yan, shifting to LTE doesnt mean better networks, network coverage ang problema kaya di ka maka send ng tweet/or as i said yung phone mo eh mahina ang antenna. LTE will only improve speed not coverage!

  • Totobits

    You forgot TV features 😛

  • poldo

    Korek ka jan maliban sa microsd slot… Dapat lahat ng andreoid devices meron nito.

    • aze

      hindi rin, im planning na ang next phone ko ay 16gb lang. ok na kahit walang micro SD.

  • thejorlanb

    No. Not NFC. NFC “will” be useful years from now. The thing is, it is not overrated, but rather underrated.

    • haha

      what the? NFC will be useful in the coming years? i dont think so my friend..

      • Octopus Card

        Location Hong Kong
        Launched 1997
        Technology FeliCa, NFC
        Manager Octopus Cards Limited
        Currency HKD ( HK$1,000 maximum load )
        Credit expiry None
        Auto recharge Automatic Add Value Service

        The Octopus card is a rechargeable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. Launched in September 1997

        NFC devices can be used in contactless payment systems, similar to those currently used in credit cards and electronic ticket smartcards, and allow mobile payment to replace or supplement these systems. For example, Google Wallet allows consumers to store credit card and store loyalty card information in a virtual wallet and then use an NFC-enabled device at terminals that also accept MasterCard PayPass transactions. Germany, Austria, Finland, New Zealand, and Italy have trialed NFC ticketing systems for public transport.
        India is implementing NFC based transactions in box offices for ticketing purposes.


        NFC traces its roots back to radio-frequency identification, or RFID. RFID allows a reader to send radio waves to a passive electronic tag for identification, authentication and tracking.
        1983 The first patent to be associated with the abbreviation RFID was granted to Charles Walton.

        1995 wallet paying and receiving electronic, described in the report and annexes describing the invention of Gaston Schwabacher in 0017 patented protocol 24/01/1995 at INPI Brazil with the IP number 9500345

        Source (Wikipedia)

        In the present as well as in the future there will be have’s and have not’s. The choice is yours. 🙂

      • It is actually useful nowadays. Me and my mates who owns a Note2 and S3s are actually enjoying file sharing better than before… We could easily transfer 1GB movies in a minute or even less! Documents, pictures, etc are so much faster being transferred using it! I’m very much happy I have this feature on my Note 2!

        • tonazify

          PIRACY at its finest

      • thejorlanb

        Well, in Ph and for the people who are skeptics, it looks like it will not be useful in the coming years. 😀

        Oh well…yung QR code nga, sluggish ang growth dito.

        • BratPAQ

          I have a note with “16 gb” internal memory, the problem is os take about 6gb and im left with 10gb. And the 10gb is very small if you play gameloft and EA games which cost 1gb or more per games, then mp3, movies, apps, pictures, etc. That 10gb will run out pretty quick.

          But then again to fully use a 32gb or 64gb you need to root your phone to offload sd space hungry apps.

  • Agree. What these smartphone makers need to improve is the 1-Day only battery life!

  • lunalorticum

    If you’re living in the Philippines and away from major cities kailangan ng 4G….4G here is like 3G in other places lol…

    epic telco fail -_-

  • Edsar

    Sana laging may mga ganitong article sa PTB pang editorial lang

  • rey

    i was surprised to see the micro sd slot there. if you use your smartphone just for its phone capabilities and some few apps, then definitely you wouldn’t need a huge storage. But if you use your smartphone as an entertainment device, well 16gb is definitely not enough. imagine using your smartphone as a media player, if you want to listen to music and you want to bring your whole library with you, then use a 64gb micro sd. if you want to watch movies, read books or mangas then switch to another micro sd with movies etc 🙂

    • Griswold

      dapat kasi binabasa mo yung intro. nakasulat dun not all. hindi naman lahat nagbabasa ng comics sa phone nila eh. hindi naman lahat nilalagay ang buong music library sa phone nila eh.

      • rey

        kaya nga po ang sabi ko eh pag basic phone features at simple apps lang ginagamit mo eh hindi mo kailangan :p
        kaw po ata hindi nagbabasa eh

        • a

          D kaya dahil walang card slot ang iPhone kaya nsabi yun ni CALVIN? o kaya dahil wala paring NFC ang phone nya n bigay ng apple…o d kaya 4S kaya walng LTE..hmmm

          • epal lang

            relax lang kayo.. hehe. baka mag-away pa kayo dahil lang sa opinion ni Calvin. LOL

  • mico

    pati yung mga higanteng 5-inch screens… masyadong malaki na ang form factor ng mga smartphones dahil sa taenang 5 inch screens na yan. ibalik nyo ang 4 inch, dammit!

    • WEh

      Ibalik ang 4 inch screen? Nawala ba?

    • BratPAQ

      There are 5 inch and there are 4 inch phones, even smaller, choose which ever feels right for you. Di naman pinagduduldulan ang 5 sa yo.

  • zxx

    1. NFC: There’s this technology called one touch NFC sharing. It can backup your files from your phone, put what you’re viewing on your phone to your TV and etc. without using a wired connection. But I guess it’s only if you can afford NFC devices, but I don’t think it’s enough to be labeled as overrated.

    2. MicroSD: We all know more memory space is always better.

    3. LTE: A faster internet connection is always better.

    4. Waterproof: There are these pieces of technology we call the charging dock and the wireless charging dock. The charging dock allows you to charge your phone without opening the flaps of your waterproof phone. A wireless charger is, well, wireless.

    5: Full HD screen: I agree it’s pretty much marketing after 720p, but it’s always to have one.

    I respect your views but it feels as though you just don’t know how to utilize these pieces of technology, yet.

    • Griswold

      eto pang isa, binasa lang title inassume na, na di kelangan ang mga ito. kung binasa mo ang kabuuan, sinasabi ni sir calvin dito is wag maging hadlang ang mga ito sa pagbili ng phone na gusto mo.

      halimbawa, meron kang nakitang phone na type mo ang design, swak sa budget mo, maganda ang performance, tagal pa ng battery life, eh pero walang LTE, eh pero walang microSD at 16gb lang ang storage… wag na lang? yun yung punto nitong post.

      • haha

        haha, nice one griswold, andami kcng ngmamarunong, di muna intindihin maigi ang article, wag kc banat ng banat, kung tutuusin, very gud article to kc eye opener sa mga prospective buyers..

        • spongeb00bs


  • This is a great post, but like the others, I also have to disagree with the microSD slot. Nowadays, with locally-distributed Android phones getting better and cheaper at the same time, people tend to change phones faster than a cheetah can run. Oftentimes they have music files or video clips they’d want to transfer from their old phone without the need to use cords and laptops. So in a way, the card slots will never be overrated as long as people still find these highly convenient.

    I highly agree with the HD screen, though. I prefer the normal resolution than that of S3, for instance. I also don’t get the reason why some people raise eyebrows at screens with non-multiple viewing angles. I want to use my phone in a train without people two inches to my right seeing what I’m doing, thank you very much.

    • Griswold

      i may have to disagree on the microSD slot as well pero i also have to disagree na karamihan ng mga tao ngayon papalit palit ng phone. kaya ka magpapalit ng phone kasi yung cheap na binili mo ay nasira na. pero kung pinaggastuhan mo talaga phone mo, papatagalin mo to hanggang sa masulit mo.

      • Yes, I only cited the phone-changing scenario as an example to show how convenient the microSD slot feature is.

        I also agree with one of the comments above that the megapixel should be in the list as well.

  • Padre Damaso

    i agree with your NFC and 1080p features.

    although i can include waterproofing in your overrated, but usual phones that are waterproof/resist are also shock and dust proof. that feature will come in handy as i think most of us here have dropped our phones already. 😉

    for the microSD and LTE, who wouldnt like a large storage capacity and a fast internet connection?probably either someone who lives in a cave or an iphone user. heeheh

  • Francis Santos

    Ang water proof na phone ay hindi overrated. Take for example the Motorola Defy series. You can go biking, snorkling, swimming, jumping from a waterfall to the lake, and do all sorts of things with it. As an adventurer I love my water proof phone, so you, the writer of the water proof section, can consider your comments about water proof phones as overrated. I pick up lots of useful things from your blog but some of your views are overrated and none thorough

    Quote: “They eventually get loose (quickly I should say) so there goes your waterproofing.”

    My phone is alive since 2010. Maybe you are pertaining to other water proof phones you bought and tested like a brand that starts with “S” , but do not generalize 🙂

    • Vince

      But having a “waterproof/water-resistant” device is very optional and depends on the lifestyle of the user. We are talking about the majority here, people who use phones for casual purposes.
      Like what you said, you are an adventurer, which makes this feature a slight “must-have”.
      But not everyone is an adventurer, most just buy phones for casual use, and buying a “waterproof/water-resistant” phone is just not that cost-efficient. (As a casual phone user, why in the world would you let your phone get wet, or worse, get submerged in water? That’s just wrong and stupid)

      • That is why not all phone models are waterproof… and yet there are some that are, in case some type of people need them. Not everyone is alike. The power of choice. 😉

  • alcbu

    BATTERY!! 1 week worth of that in a 10mm or less body.

  • This is a tech blog and these are the opinions and observations of a tech blogger. No need to be in the offensive. We all have the right to agree to disagree.

    I find some of the points amusing, sometimes to the point of awe and disbelief. If the technology presents itself useful to a couple of people, then so be it. One man’s treasure may be another man’s garbage, and vice versa.

    I love technological advancements. Let’s help it evolve! 🙂

  • NFC – might be useful in e-commerce if they set NFC standards strictly. We can see this being used in HK, Singapore, China (mainland) and other countries and cities.

    microSD – Nothing beats having to pull a hotswap sd-ext to share files and folders with your buddy. Unless you have a PC / computer handy or USB OTG enabled devices that works both ways, it sucks to have only BT or WIDI to transfer huge files.

    LTE – “640K ought to be enough for anybody.” – Remark attributed to Bill Gates (Founder and CEO of Microsoft), 1981. The source of “640kb ought to be enough for anybody.” may have actually been “No one will need more than 637 kb of memory for a personal computer.” and it may have been said in the early 1970s.

    So there.

    Waterproof – Liquipel or HZO Inside. Enough said.

    FullHD (FHD) – Unless your screen is really, really small, FHD is nice.

    For the megapixel race, show me a picture taken by a cameraphone and if the tech blogger in chard will allow it, I’ll give you a link where you can see pictures where you’ll swear it was not taken by a cameraphone. True story. 😀

  • I agree with this posts. Like the micro SD for the example, the latest smartphone can store more than 1 GB. I doubt that people will want to see hundred of picture every day or using every apps that they download everyday.

  • NFC – who would settle for a bluetooth if you can transfer 1GB movies from 2 NFC enabled fones for under a minute? But using a bluetooth may take you forever!

    SD Card Slot – most of the people above agrees that it isn’t overrated.

    LTE – we may need this applied to all cities here in the country if it only costs like a 3G does and is not capped.

    Waterproofs – somehow overrated but would be great if your smartphone has it without sacrificing other features. It will make the fone last longer.

    Full HD – 1080P may be considered overrated but for fones that has 720P is already good enough.

    If these features aren’t on your high-end smartphone and you think it is overrated…? Then you’re probably an iPhone or Blackberry user. 😉

  • I couldn’t say it any better than what’s posted. I still find NFC to be more on the useful side than on the gimmicky one.

  • a

    Tsk..tsk..palitan ang title…it’s misleading..

    It should sound like this..smartphone software/hardware features you might not need..

  • I Want The Extra Speed of LTE Because By The Time You Get 10, 000 People On The Tower The Speed Is Painfully Slow More Like Dialup.

    Its True That Some Features Are Bullshit But Others Are Great.

    I Can Afford An Expensive Phone So I Just Buy It Because I Can. 🙂

  • Zo

    I say LTE isn’t very much overrated. Unnecessary to most, yes, but not very overrated.

    With the crappy internet service these big telcos are providing now, even 3g tends to buffer a simple youtube video. I’m finding LTE the “most of the time” reliable speed right now.

    And I say “most of time” because Skyping on LTE isn’t that smooth even. I’ve used Skype in Makati lots of times due to work needs, and Makati supposedly is THE place for LTE and even that doesn’t work well.

    But if you’re the type to just use the internet for updating your FB stat with your latest heart ache, tweeting what you just ate, or posting on instagram the traffic jam youre in (i seriously dont get this), then LTE isn’t really a need.

    • Griswold

      the reason why LTE is so fast is because di pa congested ang network. 3G is also capable of high-speed pero dahil sobrang congested na, parang dial-up na lang speed nya.

      • Zo

        Just shows why LTE is the more reliable network now.

      • marvin

        congestion ba ang reason kung bakit mabilis ang LTE? bobo mo naman sir. mabilis ang LTE dahil mabilis talaga sya hindi dahil onte ang nakaconnect. The reason why mabagal ang 3g connection saatin kasi bulok ang networks natin dito sa pinas. gahaman ang smart and globe period. it has nothing to do with congestion. iilan lang naman ang 3g subscribers saatin compared to let’s say japan… stop blaming the congestion shit from smart and globe. what we have here is a half assed mediocre network kaya mabagal. they dont want to upgrade kasi bumebenta naman yung congestion na press release nila.

  • Zo

    Commenting on the other points of the author:

    Storage Memory – I for one have gone through 3 devices with settling on 16gig of memory reason being is: both mg 16gig phones are mostly just for business and personal use, occasional surfing and social media shiznit. My 16gig mp3 player just for music. I have a 32 gig tab for whatever entertainment i need.

    I guess you’d need more than 32gig (or at least) if you’re doing all that on just a single device -> which i really think is the use of those 5inch phablets or 7inch tabs with calling capabilities. But then again, the author states Smartphones.

    HD Screens – Having an HD screen is good, but it’s really hard to tell the difference in image quality between AMOLED, S-AMOLED, RETINA, HD Display, etc… They all look fine and pretty to me for everyday use. Okay, the benchmarks, screen tests, pixel density whatevers say different.. but my eye doesn’t have the time to really dice them into pixels whenever I read my e book and play a game or two. I guess this really becomes a deal maker/breaker with game enthusiasts… I still prefer consoles and my PC rig for those though..

    NFC – Not a dire need at this point, perhaps in a year or two (..or more?) but really no practical use for it in the current tech scene here in the country. Neat but not YET a need.

    Waterproofing – Taking off from a conversation up there, it would all depend on your lifestyle i guess. If you’re the type who takes your phone or gadget on trips and you’re really the ‘roughing it’ type, then of course you’d go for such a feature. But if we’re talking about casual, day to day usage well then that’s a different scenario.

    I also think Megapixels are overrated – there are tons of articles out there talking about how megapixels are not SOLELY responsible for picture quality.

    I’d also like to throw in the gesture-dependent features of some phones -> they’re a neat trick but.. let’s not get too lazy?

    Well all these are just my opinions.. still curious to see what other people think about phones nowadays.

    I really am enjoying this post, Calvin. I’ve been waiting for an article such as this, discussing the features of smartphones today and looking at their general practicality. Kudos to you for publishing this article. More to come, i hope 🙂

  • marvin

    Yung HD screens pang movies lang ba? I think ang pinakabenefit ng high resolution screen is that you can see more detail! Like you can see more detail sa isang web page kahit di mo sya izoom… I dont think its overrated at all. This article screams apple fan boy to me.

    Ang overrated feature ng phones today is the “thin and light” bullshit from apple! I don’t want a thin and light phone. Sakto lang naman yung weight ng phones before. Ngayon pagaanan na ang uso. They should stick a bigger battery in there para mamaximize natin yung lte connection. Thin and light… such BS from cupertino!

  • Richmond Nuguid

    Totoo naman lahat nung nilista ng blogger. Edi okay lang pala yung ibang Starmobile and Cherrymobile phones na wala pang NFC…. 🙂

  • me

    NFC – Near Fried Chicken – it really works as it alerts me whenever i’m near KFC.

  • roy

    Memory card slot very important, i have 16gb note 2 ang i have 64gb and 32gb memory card.. NFC is faster than bluetooth

  • EMsky

    Very good! This is a smash to their faces!

  • had fun reading the comments too!

  • JUNE

    barometer and thermometer lols ano ito para sa kili kili my thoughs lang po

  • People it only boils down to your needs but sad to say people buy smartphones nowadays just to stay in and they dont know what are the specs for. sad! specially iphone users!

    Calvin kudos man! You opened up my eyes, great write up and points!

    So the next time you’ll will buy a smart phone just simply ask “what do I need a smartphone for?”
    Then check the specs.

  • tonazify

    why apple apply restriction to its end user on sending videos/mp3’s etc via bluetooth and has no SD CARD SLOT? -anti PIRACY

    NFC yes its a good technology but piracy its a no for enrile hahaha

    WATERPROOF if its free addons for my smartphone why not but will cost additional 5k? no way for enrile

    FHD lol if you watch an SD movie on a 4inch you cant barely see any pixelation. Its a user opinion im cool with wxga and has a higher pixel density

    LTE before upgrading to the latest technology they should improve services like coverage etc. then thats the time I’ll avail LTE or so. 3g for me is an okay because I cant still maximize its full potential

  • I do agree with the four listed in this post. But, as for me, I like it when a device has a micro sd slot. I like to have a lot of movies and TV series in my tablet, so it’s definitely a plus if this feature is available. 🙂

    • awww tablet is different. you definitely want more storage on tablets because you’re more likely to watch videos there.

    • That’s true! 🙂 Although I don’t mind watching a lot of movies in smartphones as well, most especially in S3. Neway, love this awesome practical post! Shared it on my Facebook page. Have a good morning!

  • Zerum

    I agree with a few of your points, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re saying is right. First, NFC. NFC isn’t just used to pair two devices easier than Bluetooth or such, it’s also a secure way of using Google Wallet or other mobile-based wallet apps. Instead of swiping a card and having the risk of the swipe machine being rigged, simply tapping your phone (mobile wallet) to confirm your purchase is one of the advantages of NFC. The next three ones (microsd, LTE, full HD screen) are actually user-dependent and very connected to each other. A good example is me, I’m an aspiring video editor and I love watching good films with good storylines. And of course, I want my media to be of qood quality in order to truly enjoy them. I use LTE to download these huge files, store them in a 64Gb microsd, and watch it on my Full HD device. Is there anything wrong with that? Hey, I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m just pointing out that saying these are overrated isn’t really true for most people who have LTE connectivity in their areas 🙂

  • Fazendo Justiça

    Taking advantage of the space.
    Digital Wallet or (Google Wallet), intellectual property of Gaston Schwabacher, patent PI9500345
    Sergey Brin e Larry Page. “Do not be evil”. “You can make money without doing evil.”
    Principles of Google.
    Gaston Schwabacher not deny the merits of Google
    But Gaston Schwabacher would appreciate your Royalties intellectual property.

    Aproveitando o espaço.
    Carteira Digital ou (Google Wallet), propriedade intelectual de Gaston Schwabacher, PI9500345 patente
    Sergey Brin e Larry Page. “Não seja mau”. “Você pode ganhar dinheiro sem fazer o mal.”
    Princípios da Google.
    Gaston Schwabacher não negar os méritos do Google
    Mas Gaston Schwabacher gostaria de receber seus royalties de propriedade intelectual.