5 Things I like with Yahoo! Go

Yahoo GOIf you haven’t tried Yahoo! Go 2.0 on your mobile phone, then you could be missing a lot with your mobile internet experience. Yahoo! Go comes with a plethora of integrated web services into your mobile phone.

Here are 5 fun/useful things you could be doing with your 3G enabled phones that can be considered Mobile 2.0 already.

  • Mobile Email Client. Access your unlimited Yahoo! Mail on the go. The interface is sleek and rich with Web 2.0 feel. That being said, it makes access a little bit slower if you’re on EDGE or GPRS.
  • News Widgets. Check your favorite local news sites like ABS CBN News and Inquirer with a news widget.
  • Flickr Mobile. View photos from Flickr. You can upload pictures taken from your camera too. No need to hook it up into a PC and upload from there. You can send photos to your account on the fly. Pretty neat (best feature IMO).
  • Weather Widget. Not everybody checks the weather bureau everyday but the integrated weather widget can be really useful nowadays — what with the series of typhoons coming in the country lately .
  • Local and Maps. Though this feature isn’t really available yet for the Philippines, I bet it would be a nice addition to the set once it rolls out.

There’s also the new mobile search codenamed oneSearch which is a stripped down version of Yahoo search. You can’t add your own widgets yet but if Yahoo could bring in the same set from Konfabulator (now Yahoo! Desktop Widgets) into the mobile phone, that would surely be great.

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  • i also have Yahoo! go way back before it became 2.0, it had YM with it back then. i wonder why they removed it with the 2.0. it would be a nice addition to the many features Yahoo! go has.

  • albert

    hi, friend.
    I am in China now.
    and I can get yahoo go 2.0 from the official website. It is said that i am out of the region where go 2.0 is released.
    Can you send the yahoo go 2.0 jave file to my email? [email protected]
    Thank you very much!

  • Hi,

    I have been using Y! Go 1.x for more than a year. I loved the way it seamlessly integrates with phone.

    Y! Go 2.0 looks good but it doesn’t have Y! Messenger and it doesn’t work on S60 2nd edition devices šŸ™