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6 Things we want to see on the iPhone 6

Apple is set to announce the iPhone 6 few hours from now and just like you guys, we’re all excited to see Apple’s next flagship smartphone together with the iWatch and hopefully, new models of the iPods and iPad. In line with Apple’s big event, we listed down six features that we’d like to see on the iPhone 6.


photo from ciccaresedesign

1) Full HD Resolution ““ We love Apple’s Retina display but we’d love to see Full HD 1920×1080 resolution on iPhone’s next flagship. Because it’s better to watch Full HD videos on your smartphone.

2) Higher megapixel camera““ The past iPhone versions (iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S) are all equipped with the same camera megapixels while its Android rivals are already equipped with cameras with up to 20 megapixels.

3) iOS enhancement ““ We hope to see a more stable iOS version on the iPhone 6. It would also be great if Apple will put in more pre-installed apps (i.e, photo and video editing apps, etc.) on the iPhone 6 same as with the Android smartphones.

4) Bigger Screen Size ““ Most Android manufacturers are going for a bigger display. We’re hoping that leaks about Apple releasing a phablet are indeed true.

5) Beefed up specs (and storage)““ Android smartphones are now powered by 64-bit processors with up to 3GB of RAM and up to 128GB external storage support. Hopefully Apple would step up their game by releasing a spiced up configuration of the iPhone 6.

6) An Apple Stylus maybe? ““ With the success of Samsung Note series and tablets, it would be lovely to see Apple come up with a device that has a stylus.

Well, how about you guys? Any cool features you want to see on the next iPhone?

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