7th Gen iPod nano gets a bigger screen and a thinner body

Over the past years, the iPod nano has been getting the most drastic design changes as compared to the other iPod products. This time it’s no different as Apple decided to change the shape of the nano once again.

ipod nano 7th gen

The 7th Gen iPod nano goes back to its rectangular shape but is now thinner than ever at just 5.4mm thin. It also gets a 2.5-inch multi-touch display which effectively brings back video watching to the nano. Below the display is a physical home button. The volume control buttons on the side is more pronounced which also has a pause/play button in-between.

Other built-in features include Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless music streaming to your BT speakers/headphones. It still has the FM Radio but with DVR function for recording. Then the Nike+ is now built-in just like the iPod Touch so you don’t need to plug in a separate receiver to track your workout. ipod nanoIt will be using the new Lightning connector instead of the 30-pin one we’ve grown accustomed over the years. Basically the port is smaller in design somewhat similar to the microUSB. The new EarPod earbuds is also included in the package.

Apple did a great job in the design once again but I wished they included a clip at the back just like the previous nano so you don’t have to buy a separate case if you want to wear it while running. Bringing back the voice recording feature like the 5th gen nano will also be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, the 7th Gen iPod nano comes in 7 colors with only a 16GB model available. It goes for Php8,290 and will be available this October.

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  • rocketlog

    What I’m really wondering about is, can I install iOS apps on it? That would be cool. A midget iPod touch. ^_^

  • Carl

    The new Nano and iPhone sports a new pair of earphones. Does it also sound good?

    • nahh…feeling ko hindi pa rin. improved maybe but not yet that good. more on the fit siguro yung enhancement.

  • Wis

    no more nanowatch…=(

  • John G

    Look like a Lumia.

    • John G


      • thejorlanb


  • Jericho Dy

    Instead of the 9-pin? I think the old one is 30-pin.