85 Million Sites in the WWW for June 2006

According to June’s Netcraft survey, there is an upsurge of 3.96 million sites added from last month’s figures. Bringing the total no. of registered domain names to 85,541,228.

From past Netcraft surveys, the usual no of sites added would be in the 1 million range, but this month is an all time high because it surpassed March 2003’s record of 3.3 Million sites added.

In the webserver market, Apache’s share continued to tumble as hosting companies Go Daddy, PIPEX Communications, Lycos and Zipa shifted from Linux to Microsoft. Bringing Apache’s share down to 61.25% and Microsoft up to 29.71%.

Pointed out also in the report was the addition of 660K new blogs in Google’s Blogger. I wonder how much of that were spam blogs *snicker*…

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