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A brief tour inside Trend Micro’s TrendLabs

Have you ever lost your precious files to a pesky trojan/worm/virus or malware? With the advancement of technology at a faster pace than we have imagined, came along people who want to take advantage of others. Malicious codes, phishing, keyloggers were all threats to the cyberspace.

It is in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety and security. What can we do to be safe and secure in a cyberspace when you don’t even know or unsuspectingly caught a trojan/virus/malware until its late stages? Here’s what Trend Micro showed us last June 27 and I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned.


Trend Micro has pioneered advanced security services since 1988, targeting threats against users of new and emerging platforms and devices. They develop solutions that make the cyber space safe and shield your data/files and other information.

We had a tour around Trend Micro’s TrendLabs at the Rockwell Business Center Tower 2 in Ortigas. Sadly, pictures weren’t allowed as everything there is supposed to be their trade secret. They walked us through their processes on how they provide security fixes to known vulnerabilities in as fast as hours.

TrendLabs is Trend Micro’s headquarters for global technical support and research and development. They have a headcount of over 1,000 anti-malware experts and support engineers providing round-the-clock support and coverage to Trend Micro users worldwide.

trend micro

Their core technology operations include Email Reputation Services, Web Reputation Services and File Reputation Services. These services work with each other to provide solutions against new threats that a user may encounter.

Well since they didn’t allow us to take pictures of the facility (for obvious reasons) here’s basically how they protect users and provide security fixes realtime. They have engineers round-the-clock to monitor reports by users. After which, they analyze the email/url/file sent to them and flags the said malicious code and provide the security fix via an update. Users can get the updates in as fast as an hour, but they have cutoffs on when updates rollout.

Neat huh? Thinking of working here after you graduate?

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