a-JAYS Four earphone Review

Ok, so once more I’m sent yet another JAY’s earphones, the a-JAYS Four. You might recall I reviewed the a-JAYS Three awhile back and It’s pretty much the same as far as design but now it has a remote control within the flat cord and quite perfect for the iPad and all the more, the iPhone for users like myself who belong to the cult of Mac.

a-JAYS Four a-JAYS Four

Just like the previous models, it comes with various earbuds sizes for the obvious reasons and now, to actually test if it meets my requirements.

First, the length of this all black flat headphones is just right and i see that the remote in black and chrome color combo, matching my iPhone is perfectly situated a few inches down my  ear, light, unobtrusive and yet within reach for me to be able to make the volume go soft and loud, rewind, go to the next song and answer calls on my iPhone 4.

a-JAYS Four

Is it easy to use? Let’s just say the short simplistic directions in the instruction booklet is easy enough for a 5yr.old  to understand, let alone an adult and it works like a charm. Just 3 buttons to work with. It also allows you to use your voice commands on the iPhone 4 or 3. Sound quality during calls is not bad as well and is quite clear actually.

Now the most important part, the sound. This may be unorthodox but I won’t go into detail about the sound because just like the other a-JAYS, sound quality is very good, if not excellent and the balance between the highs and lows are that…balanced. Now, others may argue that it lacks this and that with certain types of music but I’ve tested this a-JAYS Four on house and techno tracks, indiepop and indierock tunes, bits of downtempo, ambient, lounge, jazz and even classical and well, it delivers that affectionate punch.

a-JAYS Four

Overall, another great product from JAYS, good progression from the last model and if you want to go a bit more high end as far as in-ear headphones for your iPod or iPad and iPhone, I’d say it’s value for “your” money. As for me, I’d willingly spend the Php4,499 for this baby but thankfully, I’m getting one a-JAYS’ Four for free! Right, JAYS people?  Ok. Maybe not.

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings (Up Dharma Down anyone?) with some slight revisions by the editor. Toti is a music freak of nature, observer of pop culture and the obscure, vinyl junkie and collector of good junk, public servant, purveyor of taste”¦ music is his life. You can follow him on his Twitter.

Toti does not endorse JAYS earphones, he’s our resident audiophile and loves to try out different high-end cans out in the market today.

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  • Gary

    This is cool! Where can I get one?

    • gary try astrovision or astroplus stores.

      • Messie

        Hi Boss Calvin, I’ve been replying in your site for quite some time, and I always wonder how do I get an icon/image beside my name? Will it work for all sites I post into (yugatech, etc.)


        • hi messie, the site also uses gravatar for avatars. what you can do is sign up at gravatar.com and place your user icon there. most wordpress sites have this feature so yes it will work with yugatech, etc.

  • Messie

    I like the tangle-free design of a-Jays’ wires. Why can’t all wires be like this? =/

  • JAYS products are officially available through our partner retailers, including Power Mac and The A. Shop. Please visit our website for the latest details.

  • Yukiatsu

    how come the price of a-jays four are different? i see some store sell this for 3,499. oh well had a good week with my brand new a-jays four last month but apparently it doesn’t fit my ears very well and the microphonics is too much for me, so i sold it to my friend.

  • Hey Calvin, just bought one of this, not just because of your review but I’ve seen one also in Cnet TV and I really liked the design. My question, I’m not particularly small, in fact I’m 5’7″ and 190 lbs. But upon fitting this earbud I found that I’m most comfortable with the smallest earbud size. Don’t you think this strange and I may not be taking advantage of its full potential. I have to tell this is my first time for an in-ear headphone. I might just really have a small ear canal or I just really need some more getting used to it.

    • you have a small ear canal. me too i used the smallest bud from an a-JAY. as long your ear doesn’t feel tired after a few hours of wearing that earphone then that’s the size for you.

  • Rj

    Hi Sir Calvin,

    do you have any email address to be used in verifying your blog. We were conducting a review on techno blog for our product. Hope you could help me. Thanks.

    • yup if you look up you will find it.

  • warren

    sir ask ko lang po san po mga store available po this headphones cause I do check on apple stores but I can’t see this headphones, your reply will truly be appreciated and thanks also for the review…hoping for more review on other products like this one.