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a-JAYS One+ in-ear earphones with inline mic/remote review

We’re no stranger to the a-JAYs lineup which is a very decent replacement for your stock earphones. JAYS’ a-JAYS series is the entry-level earphones from the Swedish audio company that gives you value for your money.

a-JAYS One Plus 01

Anyway, the a-JAYS One+ retains the same good sound quality as that of the original version but only adds an in-line mic with a single push button that functions as a remote to handle your calls and music.

a-JAYS One Plus 02 a-JAYS One Plus 03 a-JAYS One Plus 04

It still has the same nice packaging, the tangle-resistant flat cable, and 5 pairs of silicon sleeves with sizes from XXS to L to ensure the best fit with maximum external sound insulation. Yes, my picky ears find the sleeves very comfy. The angled jack makes it more resistant to damage due to bending.

Even though the a-JAYS One+ is marketed towards Android users, you can use it even on non-Android phones and still have a functioning mic and in-line remote.

a-JAYS One Plus 05

The single button on the in-line remote does almost everything you would want from a music/phone remote. A single click will either answer/hang up a call, or pause/play your music depending on what you’re doing. Double-click will either move to the next track or decline a call. A triple-click will switch to previous track. Click-hold and double-click-hold will turn the volume up or down. It’s also compatible with most applications such as VoIP, Skype, iChat and voice memo.

a-JAYS One Plus Android

The advantage of Android users with this earphone is that they can download the JAYS Headset Control app from the Android market and customize how the remote behaves. One of the things you can do is also use the click combinations on the remote to launch applications.

The sound profile on the a-JAYS One+ doesn’t differ from the original a-JAYS. It has a very much balanced output which sounds really good on ballads, acoustics, classical and pop. It’s not for the party tunes with lots of bass but it doesn’t mean that bass output is poor. The bass is there, deep with the right thump and boom but doesn’t overwhelm which is what I prefer. Mids are really clear and crisp and the highs are very recognizable without hurting your ears.

a-JAYS One Plus 06

The a-JAYS One+ offers very good sound isolation as long as you find the right fit of buds. You will still faintly hear the thrumming of the MRT but it will tune out voices from those around you so it’s also a nice companion during those long commutes. Music will bleed out at high volume but not that loud that those beside you can easily distinguish that you’re listening to Barry Manilow.

Overall, it’s a decent, quality earphones that delivers good soundquality and doubles as a hands-free device for your phone. You can get this new a-JAYS One+ for Php3,099 in AstroVision and Power MAC but if you don’t need the  mic/remote, the plain a-JAYS One can be had for Php2,199.

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  • aze

    hi sir, im looking for an earphone now, but im on a tight budget. whats the cheapest yet offers good quality earphone for you?

  • JmBalicano

    If you’re looking for a cheaper in-ear headset with great audio from a reputable brand, the Sennheiser CX550 is a good one. It should be about 900-1k at stores. There’s also a choice of offerings from JVC, Pleomax and Sony. They have in-ear earphones that range from 550-800. The best budget earphones I’ve ever tried were from A4Tech at 350. The bass and treble were awesome, but they aren’t very durable. I routinely had to replace them ’cause one side kept dying on me after a few months. And I doubt you could still get them at that price.

    • Griswold

      does it also have an inline remote? i think yun yung nagpamahal din dito eh.

      hmm, know any nice sounding budget earphones with inline remote and mic?

      • JmBalicano

        Not really.. I personally used the in-ear phones from Pleomax and A4Tech with my mp3 player during my college days so I didn’t need an in-line remote with any of them. I think any decent budget earphones with an in-line remote would still cost in excess of 1k like the ones I usually see from Philips.

  • thejorlanb

    Since then, i’ve been buying cheap earphones.
    So far, none of those last…
    I also think sennheiser is a great earphone..but quite pricey..

    Anyway, their app rocks!

    • StratoSpHere

      Kung hindi lang talaga gipitan ang panahon, bibili ako nyan eh ahehehe. 😀 Oh well, I’ll stick with Soundmagic PL11 na lang for the meantime.

    • japong

      better save money first and buy good quality earphones rather than the cheap ones that doesnt even last long. Mas magastos kung bibili ka ng cheap earphones tapos bibili ka nanaman kapag nasira.

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  • saif

    will it work with xperia arc s???

    • yep!

      • Calvin’s Wrong

        No it doesn’t, I just bought it 10 minutes ago cos I came across your reply on Google, guess it was my own stupid fault for believe some guy on the internet.

  • duy

    I’ve been hearing some people say that it does’nt work on the SGS2 can u get an confrment on wether they work or not on the s2?

    • duy

      Can I*