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a-JAYS Three Review

Ok, so again I get to try out another JAYS headphones for review, this time the a-JAYS Three. Last time it was the high-end JAYS model, the q-JAYS, which really impressed me so I’m going to see if the JAYS sound quality will also be present in this entry level a-JAYS Three.


There are three types of a-JAYS available and the a-JAYS Three offers the right listening balance for all sorts of music including really good bass thanks to its 8.6mm TCD neodymium speaker. Actually, there’s an a-JAYS Four (not available locally) which is the same as Three but with an in-line remote for your iPhone/iPod.

Anyway, on to the review of this a-JAYS Three. Let’s see if it has the right to be the q-JAYS’ baby brother.


As I clumsily try to open the rock-solid casing this baby came in, one can sense a behemoth of an audio wonderland (despite its minuscule size). The vessel came with the JAYS usual extra adapters, including an in-flight adapter and additional rubber earbuds as option for the right ear fit and the main meat.

THAT meat being this nice matte black, flat noodle like piece de resistance that is the a-JAYS Three earphones, half-stored in it’s UFO casing.


I already give it two thumbs up for the rugged exterior, tangle-free flat cable and assorted complementing accessories but will the sound quality live up to my expectations?

I chose a rather suave track from Lake Heartbeat and pushed play on my iPhone and it was night and day. Compared to other small earphones I’ve tried, if those were like listening with the volume set to 5, then the a-JAYS Three is like hearing it with the volume set to 10!

Now I don’t mean just it being loud but more on the clarity and sharpness of the mids and highs.  As much as i hate to sound cliche, it really is crystal clear and the sound jumps at you and let’s you hear everything that goes on in the song.

As always, I’d try it with a more bass heavy track and it performed equally well on the low end.


I could put all the specs out for you but believe me it’s all worth it. I should know, I used it during my weekend trip to Hong Kong. Now if only they would put out a Pro-DJ headphone, I don’t think I’d have to think twice about it as the a-JAYS THREE alone might just cut it already.

Amazing sound. Amazing earphones. Amazing Price. ‘Nuff said.

The a-JAYS Three are already available for Php2,750. Not bad at all for a quality set of phones. If you’re interested in checking out the different JAYS headphone/earphones, you can find them in AstroVision and AstroPlus located at SM Mall of Asia, V-Mall and Shangri-La.

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings (Up Dharma Down anyone?) with some slight revisions by the editor. Toti is a music freak of nature, observer of pop culture and the obscure, vinyl junkie and collector of good junk, public servant, purveyor of taste”¦ music is his life. You can follow him on his Twitter.

Toti does not endorse JAYS earphones, he’s our resident audiophile and loves to try out different high-end cans out in the market today.

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  • I can not wait to come

  • Jon

    Nice review, I’m planning to buy nifty earphone, and I need your say on this. Compared with audio technica ATH-CKM50, having the same price range (3K), which is the best buy? Thank you!

  • Jon

    Nice review, I’m planning to buy nifty earphone, and I need your say on this. Compared with audio technica ATH-CKS50, having the same price range (3K), which is the best buy? Thank you!

  • Jon

    Nice Review, I’ll check on it.

  • Jon

    Hey Calvin! I need your advice on which is a better buy headphone, audio technica ath-cks50(sorry I mentioned the wrong model on my 1st post),or this a jays three?

  • hi jon, can’t help you with that. haven’t tried or heard anybody’s experience with the audio technica although it’s one of the premium brands out there when it comes to earphones. can’t go wrong with either. depends na lang sa price and/or accessories siguro.

    • Jon

      Much thanks Calvin! How about compare this with Moshi Vortex? Which is much better?

      Appreciate again your response. More power to your blog site!

      • i would choose this JAYS.

        • Jon

          Hey Calvin, just got my jays three, the packaging is outstanding together with the travelling case. And the performance is just awesome,a bit heavy though coz of the wiring. Overall its the best! Thanks again!

          • congrats man! glad you’re loving your purchase! 🙂

  • Are this the best ear-phones? Because I always heard that Sony has the best ear-phone in the world when it comes to fidelity and sound quality.

    • Jon

      My 1st in-ear headset is the Sony’s MDR EX300, has a larger speaker diameter, 13.5mm, but then after yr of use, I experience wiring problem (the right portion doesn’t function), Luckyly I got it fixed just last week. And then I look for other headset with better wiring and casing, until I found A-jays.

      I can say that there not the best, because the best out there are more expensive, but interms of functionality and price, these are the best.

  • Ry

    I went to Astrovision V-Mall today and saw this. It’s P3599 already O_O why the high price??? :O

    Well, I still bought it though, sayang yung pagpunta ko dun eh :))

  • kikoastig

    bossing, san mo nabili yang jays three mo?