A sneak peek at the new ASUS Z87 motherboards

Last month in Singapore, Asus unveiled their latest Z87 motherboards for the TUF, ROG and Workstation series, featuring updated design as well as interface adjustments. We’ll give you a rundown of the notable ones.

The Z87 Series

The Z87 series motherboards have eight variations, led by the Deluxe, and now sport gold heat sinks instead of blue for the past models. The new boards feature Asus’s dual-intelligent processors (with 4-way optimization) that allow users to control settings that optimize the performance of their boards and CPUs, for improved gaming, entertainment and productivity. It will support Intel’s 4th generation processors and will not be backwards compatible with other processors.


WiFi features has been expanded for the board and they also updated the UEFI BIOS with a new look and additional functionalities. You can easily adjust time and fan settings, as well as save notes, a My Favorites panel, create shortcuts with the press of the F4 button and a log for all the modifications you made to the BIOS.

The Deluxe also received design tweaks such as more voltage regulators, an extra fan header, support for up to six SATA 6Gb/s ports, an upright WiFi module that supports the new 802.11ac, a new slot design and more clearance for the processor to accommodate cooling solutions.


The Sabertooth Z87 and Gryphon features TUF components that fortify your motherboard and its components against damage or warping. The Gryphon has an optional TUF armor that you can purchase separately.

ROG Motherboards


The Republic of Gamers line of motherboards features several enhancements to give gamers an edge over their rivals. It now has Sonic Radar, which is an application that overlays itself on your game that maps the direction of the sounds that you hear in the game. You can tune it to detect gunfire or footsteps; they demoed it using Counter Strike and it seemed to work as described (the player demoing it wasn’t as good though, hehehe).

Details are scant at the moment, but we’ll give you updates as soon as they come.

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