A Techie’s Christmas 2006 Wish List

The 2006 Christmas season is already here and consumers are already feeling the itch to splurge once again on the latest and greatest. With local shops busy promoting 0% interest rates for X months and the influx of new hardware, Its a great time to be a techie (not to mention, having a fat wallet). Here are some of the new stuff available that techies will be drooling over this 2006 holiday season:

PC Hardware:
1. Nvidia’s 8800GTX – A beast of a GPU. Incredible real world performance, DirectX 10 compliant but with a hefty price tag. I had the pleasure to hold (and eventually test) one these babies via the office and i must say it is so damn fast that playing anything on it will eventually be limited by how fast your cpu and overall system is.
2. Core/Core 2 Duo – Great performance dual core CPU chips.
3. MSI Megabook s420 – Core Duo, X200M, 14.1 display, weighs 2.1 kgs. priced around 40-60K
4. Alienware Area-51 M5550 – Core 2 Duo, 256MB Nvidia 7600, 120GB. 1GB DDR2,weighs 2.9 K. priced around 150-160K.

Game Consoles:
1. Nintendo Wii – Unique gameplay, cheaper then the PS3 and 360, currently priced from 20-25K
2. Playstation 3 – The next generation of the Sony Playstation Brand, pricey as of the moment hitting 50-60k in some local shops in the metro.
3. Xbox 360 – One year later and the 360 is still going strong, kinks have been ironed out, prices are hovering around 20-30K at the moment.
4. Nintendo DS /DS Lite – the best portable gaming experience with tons of games. price is around 7-9K pesos.

Mobile phones:
1. Nokia E61 – Dopod and Treo better watch out. SRP is around 20k pesos.
2. Treo 680 – looked good initially but will the hefty 29K pricetag bring it down in the eyes of the consumers?

1. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) – Possibly the best Zelda game ever made.
2. Gears of War (Xbox 360) – Move over Halo, There’s a new guy (with a big ass gun) in town.
3. Medieval: Total War 2 (PC) – a prettier and beefier entry into the acclaimed Total War series
4. Elite Beat Agents (DS) – a wacky and terrible addicting rhythm game that originated from Japan

Stay Tuned for more!

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  • Twilight Princess :~)

  • For me:
    NVidia 8800GTX + Company of Heroes!
    Oh wait a minute… no time to play. Can I ask that for Christmas?

    E61i is coming, with camera. But it’s probably the low end one, not the one in the Nseries.

  • Any good games for the Mac? While you’re at it, does the Apple/Mac have game.

  • @jun – ill research that one for you, sir. =)

  • No macbook? 🙂

  • how about a core 2 quadro? 😀

  • @karla – if only i could edit my posts huhuhu, but i havent seen a local dealer that carries them pa so…maybe if someone drops a quadro setup at the office (hmmm)

    @nox – oh yeah, the macbook pro. lol.

  • youdexter

    i would recommend dopod a 3.5G PDA Phone….you’ll like the features.

  • @youdexter – We have a review about the Dopod 838 in our Mobile Philippines Nov 2006 Issue (Angel Locsin cover) =)

    @ jun – im writing a games for macs post for ptb .sana ma publish