ABS-CBN going digital

ABS-CBN to launch digital TV. Before you dream of watching Wowowee or telenovelas on your HDTV TV set or PC,  it looks like this will be SDTV (standard definition TV) over a digital signal.

Some questions:

  • If this is “Cable TV ng Masa,” will ABS-CBN pay for the set-top boxes?
  • Does this lock the TV into watching ABS-CBN exclusively? Now that is a Kapamilya executive’s dream scenario.
  • Or, maybe the TV viewer can tune into other stations, but not the Kapuso station?
  • How about DVB-H transmission like Smart myTV? Does this mean, if and when DVB-H handsets become affordable, ABS-CBN wants to transmit directly and bypass the mobile operator?
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  • mark

    just like there shows (going down under), this move will flop… 200% sure!!

  • macky

    abs-cbn has the first one. it won’t be a flop as all analog TV networks are required by the NTC to be digital by 2015.

  • JM Flores

    It’s good that ABS-CBN is already taking its first steps in launching the first digital TV system in the Philippines. About the cost of the set-top boxes (because you don’t expect the average Juan dela Cruz to buy a DTT-ready TV set) is at around P1,000.00, according to ABS-CBN. It’s a one-time payment and not a subscription, however they will give free units to selected households. Looking at the current economic situation, I don’t see digital TV “clicking” in the next few years. Digital broadcasts will pave the way for HDTV in the country, putting expensive plasma TVs to good use. I hope no controversy gets in the way of this.
    Oh yeah, by 2015 Filipinos will be watching their favorite soap operas in DVD-quality video (and the picture will break up into squares like in a pirated video disc whenever lightning strikes).



  • mindavillaflor

    Pls. continue for Judy Ann teleserye she is also a princess don’t let her transfer to other station, we here in TFC love to watch her in new teleserye.
    Don’t make your talents freeze they are good on her own, that is proven. Thanks

  • FYI all tv stations are required upgrade their broadcast from ANALOG to DIGITAL. Its not only ABS CBN but also other TV stations. In the US analog broacasting will end on February 2009 and they will switch to DIGITAL broadcasting, meaning to say that analog TV will not be able t receive signal unless do some actions by connecting Digital conversion box and connect it to the tv set. And i guess its not fault of ABS-CBN to obey to National Telecommunications Commission’s order, and for sure GMA7 and other tv stations will do the same. its a worlwide upgrading of system.

  • Juan Cruz

    Never did I imagine that I will be a victim of slavery in my own country.. I was just a normal Filipino that after schooling would go to find a professional job..I am on my lowest point right now.. I was an employee of a bread botiques run by a singaporean that tell barbaric comments about our country and about Filipinos… It’s just hard to imagine that I am a Filipino but I could’nt do anything to fight for my right in our own country.. Most of us work from 8:00 am and lasted upto 12:00 mn and if your unlucky upto 2:00 am without geeting paid an overtime pay.. It is also sad to see some people that was forced to resign with no vakid reason at all or sometimes suspended for a long time without any due process. It was also a disgusting thing that some of the employee resigned because they could’nt get the salary that they work for..there are also times that we receive such words like fu** you, bu** sh**t, pu** ina with our own superior who happens to be a Filipino… I did ask some help with the department of Labor, but nothing happens with my complain, now I am experiencing the usual teleserye’s or movie team where I could not do something to fight for my right as a Filipino.. I wanted to speak out not only for myself but for all the people who was afraid to fight a huge wall that is trying to abused us.

    • Niño Ramiro

      What's the connect the topic?

  • random thoughts

    @ Juan Cruz…what’s your point? One word of advice, consult your english high school teacher first before posting comments on blogs. I agree about the idea on Filipinos being abused but aside from that I think you also did a good job abusing the English language. Think about it. =)