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Accutone enters the consumer market with new line of headsets

You’ve probably know Accutone as a top-brand when it comes to headsets and communication tools made specifically for call centers and corporation. I just found out that they’re also venturing in the consumer line with their range of high-fidelity headphones for the music-lovers out there.

Check out their line-up which you should already be seeing in stores in the metro.



The Aquarius In-Ear Headset is designed for people who loves to be different, for people who wants to stand-out from the crowd. It comes in 6 vibrant colors, its elegant curves and super-high-gloss “Jelly” finishing makes it the most popular choice of its class. This headset uses a rotatory volume control and a specialized microphone element housed behind an aluminum grill for a superb sound transmission.

SRP: Php1,800



The Taurus is perfect for listening to Hip Hop, R&B and Rap Music with its carefully tuned to Class B audio settings for Ultra-Bass Enhancements. It also has a Bass Tuning Technology where users can control the Bass Output via the Tuning Switch. It features a Spin Cable design so you can easily switch from the traditional Straight-Down position to the Over-the-Ear position when in use. The Taurus also uses a rotary volume control and has that grilled microphone.

SRP: Php2,950



The Accutone Gemini is a high-grade (Class B) pro-level bass-enhanced in-ear headset which means the acoustic chambers are customized for an additional boost to the already powerful Ultra-Bass Enhancements from the Taurus series. Aside from the sharp-looking gold-chrome metal parts, the Gemini places huge emphasis on voice transmission.

SRP: Php3,900


The Pisces headset is professionally tuned to enhance the spectrum details in high-resolution music. It comes in two versions, the flat-cable digital version and spin-cable standard version, the Pisces are the diamonds of headsets.


The Pisces Digital is specifically made for Apple devices using Apple’s own chipset module for true digital control and superb audio performance. The Pisces Standard comes with Accutone’s unique Spin Cable design, which allows user to swtich between straight-down and behind-the-ear wearing styles without even taking off the headset.

Both versions of the Pisces comes with iPhone Pick-Call/Next-Track functionality, but the Pisces Digital comes equipped with true digital volume control.

SRP: Php3,900 (Standard) | Php4,500 (Digital)

Pisces Band


The Pisces Band is their cream of the crop, an HD stereo headphone with microphone & digital control. Every metallic-looking parts of the headset are all genuine aluminium giving the headset a strong sense of substance. It is designed for Class B – Bass-Enhanced audio settings, but specially tuned for sound clarity as well. Connected via Accutone’s Tangle-Free Flat Cable, the inline controller digitally adjusts the volume output on your iPhone as well as the ability to answer and end call directly from the headset.

SRP: Php8,450

What’s nice with these headsets is that Accutone incorporated their tried-and-tested communication technology for better quality calls to go along with the listening experience they offer.

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  • no Scorpio? lol

    • Hehe wala. di ko alam kung compatible ba sya pag iba zodiac sign mo. 😛

      • Andrei

        Kaya pala di ko marinig yung audio! Leo ako eh AHAHAH

  • Griswold

    Very nice looking lineup. I hope the audio quality is as good as their looks.

  • exme

    I hope the sound and build makes up for the price..

    • Andrei

      We have a review coming up for the Pisces Band. So far, I’m enjoying these. Need to break it in some more though.

  • The Aquarius headset? It has a volume control all right, but no play, back/forward buttons…

    • haven’t seen it up close but it looks like it.