Acer Aspire One at Php18,800

Last week, Acer Philippines introduced the Acer Aspire One in the Philippines. This new player in the ultraportable marker seems to be the most affordable among the Intel Atom touting laptops.

Acer Aspire One

8.9-inch 1024 x 600 LED-backlit display
1.6GHz Atom N270
512MB DDR2 SDRAM (expandable to 1GB)
1.3 megapixel camera, SDHC and multi-format media readers
802.11b/g, Ethernet, three USB 2.0, VGA, and 3.5mm audio out
One free mini PCI slot for WWAN
80GB hard drive (with XP) or 8GB solid state (with Linux)
2.5 to 5 hours between the 3 and 6-cell batteries in XP model, 3 or 7 hours on Linux
1kg (2.2 pounds)

Starting price is Php18,800.

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  • This is a very interesting computer. I will be travelling to Manila and Davao later this year and am looking for a good priced laptop for my daugther for her school in Davao. Can you advise on the best – and of course cheapest – places in Manila and Davao would be to look at these and other similarly priced computers.
    Many thanks

  • ray

    I’d like also to get one for my son. I’ll be in manila by early next month. Will that be available then? and which shop or distributor can I get. Is there also an online reservation? or contacts.

    Appreciate positive response.


  • mike

    where can i buy in pangasinan?


  • Leviticus

    You can avail of this laptop at Gilmore, at PCCorner to be exact.

    I’ve read somewhere in the internet that installing winxp will be a chore as this does not have a driver cd for winxp.

    @mike.. try in QSL Dagupan.

  • mike

    tnx leviticus! is it the same price when i buy there? 18,800? are their other computer shops where i can buy this product in dagupan?


  • hello there this model design for unique and in good quality portable reliable and trusted brand..i just brougth two units for my two college duaghter they enjoy it napaganda ng from manila try nyo mga bro…

  • yuga, how does this one differ from the other acer aspire laptops? have been using one kasi. thanks.

  • The regular Acer Aspire uses Centrino CPU while the Aspire One uses Intel Atom at 1.6GHz only but much lower battery consumption. The Aspire One also has a 8.9″ screen compared to the regular 12, 14 and 15 inches.

  • ahh. salamat yuga. 🙂

  • The acer aspire one is a very good setup for price. very clear screen, wi-fi built-in. Would recommend this versus the similarly priced eepc. please note however that a high-end eepc with very good specs is also available, with a higher pricetag, but seemingly worth the adjustment. i think it would boil down to how you’d end up using the pc. if it’s just for typing and you want portability, go fot the cheapest with the biggest display versus size. if you need power, go for the asus aspire one atom or the higher-end eepc if budget permits. The asus apire one has a small drive that is effectively only 6.4gig the way linux uses its drives. so for this you will need an external usb drive. those are cheap, however, and you can get large capacity ones that work very well with the acer one. if you want an all-in one with a larger drive, the eepc high-end 901a is pretty good, but drives only go up to 40gig. usual is 12 to 20 gig. the smaller drives are bundled with windows, which is easier to adapt for folks unfamiliar with the linux software.
    Do not buy one from hong kong. I got mine from there and ended up being cheated by eleven thousand pesos. only because i was looking to buy something else, and was maneouvered into buying the atom one instead. it’s a nice pc, but i do not appreciate being butt-fkd abroad over language differences. Regret i can’t speak cantoneese. Rather than brand all HK tradesmen as dishonest, i’m trying to think that i was easy prey at the time. And, for some people, that is always a good reason to manipulate and destroy someone elese. Strange world that allows us to screw our neighbors. Lesson: know exactly what you want to buy and for how much, and refuse to buy something else you don’t know the specs and pricing for yet.

  • I just wanna ask,if you will compare ASUS EEE PC to ACER ASPIRE ONE which is better?

  • eth0

    see if only the philippine releases of this machine came out with the 80gb version it would be perfect except atm, I’ve checked a whole bunch of stores in manila that sell it only to have the 8GB solid state I even called the main office of acer philippines and they only claim that they only released (in the philippines) the SSD 8Gb version, theres no choice to buy the 80Gb Hard drive, (There should be a choice if you want the 8gb or the 80gb) if anyone has any idea or know whereabouts where to buy one with 80gb post it plz!

  • teki

    so wala pa nung 80gb na wondows ang OS? kelan kaya lalabas…

  • teki

    ang dami na kasi naka asus…gusto ko iba naman…pero gusto ko paren windows os kahit madali gamitin ang linux…

  • jay

    Asus EEEPc vs Acer Aspire One
    I’ll say its the battle of the “A”ces.
    While Asus concentrates on being the price leader, Acer has to think differently by being a product leader. Who do you think will win out?

  • Mitesh Rasaikar

    I think This one will be better than asus

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  • King Albert

    So, where in the Phils. can I buy this Acer?

  • we got one, but in SG… it will just cost u arnd 25k in pesos… 120gb hardisk with 1gb mb memory…

  • Geek

    Hey Teki your name is not appropriate… Just to let you know Linux is not intuitive as you think. I’m gonna get this netbook though I’m booting up Ubuntu Hardy Heron not Linpus nor Windows XP. They are relatively slow in Atom processor. 🙂

  • kool130

    120g hd
    1 g ram
    1,890 riyals (x12.4 pesos) ngaun d2 sa qatar yan.

  • joaq

    80 gig hdd? no thanks. if i want a big heavy spinning thing, I’ll get a desktop. wait, I have one. Anything but an SSD makes a huge demand on battery life. You will be chewing through a 6 cell in 3 hours with spinning stuff in your computer (hence the eee1000h w/ 120gig hd makes no sense at all)

    Get the vanilla aspire one. All the retailers in the Phils aer selling w/ upgraded ram, +4 gig sd card. 12 gigs is enough to carry. Keep your desktop/portably drive to unload. simple.

  • i went to Octagon in Ali Mall and saw this Aspire One at P26,900 with the ff specs:
    Intel Atom N27o
    8.9 WSGA LCD
    1GB DDR2
    160GB HDD
    Multi Card reader
    10/100 base Y. Wifi ready
    802.11 b/g
    webcam, sleeve
    available in Pink & White only
    Windows XP Home

    I’m not a techie person but, IS THIS A GOOD BUY? or should I still go to Gilmore?

  • ged

    what is the difference between hdd or ssd?linux or windows xp? im planning to buy one. but im still into reading reviews about it.

  • hdd is the conventional hard disk that we have. SSD is more expensive and has less capacity but it has no movable parts so it’s not prone to errors.

    if you don’t know the diff. between xp and linux, stick with XP or you’ll have a hard time using your computer.

    but i won’t recommend the Acer Aspire One. i’d rather get the lenovo ideapad S10 or asus 1000 or msi wind.

  • Rowell

    Is it possible that an Acer One with 8G SSD that causes 19K can be installerd with 120 GB HHD?

  • richard

    hello friends..Is the webcam of hp is so blurred and dark? coz’ I buy one yesterday and the webcam is so dark so I try to return it awhile ago but they didn’t change it they just told me that its really like and they also compare for another hp. but I really can’t believe. is that normal? do you have any example or a picture using the webcam of hp? coz mine only my shadow shows. I relly hate it. so I may decide that i just exchange for another one but im confuse can somebody help me… which one is better hp mini note 1001TU or accer aspire one? tnx a lot

  • richard

    hello friends..Is the webcam of hp is so blurred and dark? coz’ I buy one yesterday and the webcam is so dark so I try to return it awhile ago but they didn’t change it they just told me that its really like and they also compare for another hp. but I really can’t believe. is that normal? do you have any example or a picture using the webcam of hp? coz mine only my shadow shows. I relly hate it. so I may decide that i just exchange for another one but im confuse can somebody help me… which one is better hp mini note 1001TU or accer aspire one? tnx a lot

  • nas

    I bought aspire one with linpus OS..I want a Winxp on it so I did remove the linpus and installed WinXP.. the machine went sluggish and it’s taking so much time to boot up… Any suggections how to make windows run on this UMPC better..It has 1Gig ram and 8gig SSD on it.

  • trina

    im very much interested with this unit asap… please call me at 09065208208

  • ally

    Aspire One Owners!!! I’m looking for two other people who purchased the same unit to register and join their ongoing promo.

    They are giving away an ASPIRE ONE ultra mobile PC, 2GB flash drive and a chance to win a barkada getaway trip to Canyon Woods!!!

    Let me know, i’m willing to join your group, hehe 🙂

  • melanie

    hi ask ko lang po sana kung mag kanu na po ang pinaka murang acer aspire one?? pang gift lang po sana skin ni mama yan ka grad ko lang po eh kaya nag hahanap po ako ng mura

  • paul walker

    ako may aspire 4935G,kasali b ako?

  • elsie romero

    im interested with dis one where will i find ur store near in laguna??thank you

  • rena

    Where can we buy here in Manila, specifically in Parañaque

  • Ei guys,

    Need your suggestion and advise here. I’m planning to buy a netbook or laptop this holiday and I need help in making the right netbook or laptop for me.

    I will use it to bring my work at home, office work..

    My budget is limited, its up to 19k to 23k.

    Need the right laptop or should I use netbook?


  • xoxosheena

    my dad bought me one of these in australia.ok nman sya.super bket pag nag charge sya maximum nya lng is 1 hour and 20 minutes?is that normal?

  • Its a very interesting news. This laptop looks very good. And its configuration is also nice. I like to purchase this laptop. When it available in India ?
    If Its available now please inform me. Because now i looking a good laptop for self use.
    Now i am in Bombay.

  • Since its officially licensed by acer, this aspire one might filter for the larger screen of the new laptops. also we need to protect our screen from dirt and scratches

  • king moreno

    is there available 8.9″ aspire one here at Naga City, Bicol. Where and how much? Text me up po here 09082910918. tnx po 🙂

  • joke

    hi. just wanna ask is the price of this laptop is still 18800?



  • sarah

    selling one of the latest acer aspire one model 722 for 19k negotiable with free headset, mouse, and sleeve. in excellent condition. with box and warranty. bought this only 4 months ago at around 23-24k market price. have to sell because i only use it to play angrybirds. haha. text or call me if you’re interested 09176440345.

  • Acer has come out with a new line of netbooks based on Intel’s new mobile dual-core Atom processors which enables new levels of support for applications like games, as well as Adobe Flash technology for access to some of the country’s most visited Web pages including online air ticket booking systems and multimedia sites such as Youtube.