Acer: First PC Manufacturer “Disappointed” over Vista

This fairly recent report of Matthew Broersma of Techworld confirmed my recent Vista experience.

For those who don’t want to read it, here’s the “Cliff’s Notes” version:

1. Acer president Gianfranco Lanci became the first major PC manufacturer to openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system. He was quoted in the Financial Times Deutschland .

2. Basically, he said Vista was riddled with problems and did not give users reason to buy a new PC.

3. Users are voting with their feet, he added, as Vista has the smallest impact on PC sales of any version of Windows in the history of PC manufacturing.

4. Microsoft claims otherwise, as it had already sold 20 million Vista licences by March. But the company recently told analysts it expects Windows XP to make up a significantly larger part of sales than it had previously expected, at Vista’s expense.

In fairness, the OS is still in its infancy so I think a combination of lesser hardware and software costs in the future (as well as increased reliability) will help Vista off its feet. Of course, the eventual phase out of XP in the future will help shore up Vista sales… You know and I know that eventually, Vista will be rammed down our throats by deft brutal moves by Microsoft.

To those who are now using Vista, are you satisfied with it?

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  • No wonder, I read somewhere in Acer PC specs that their new laptops were “Windows XP Recommended” even when they were “Vista Compatible.”

  • My office mate buy acer aspire with vista preinstalled, what i expect in vista (home basic) is true, it has a fancy and media center look alike BUT even if it has 1gig mem and core duo 1.8ghz processor it fails to exite me due to a little bit slow graphical user interface and also some incompatibility issues on some free utilities like divx player & nero.

    So far that was my experience in Vista and since branded PC like Acer you have leave with it or if the user knows how to install other OS (open source) they might try, the down side sometime is the driver and you cant use some fancy button shortcut in the keyboard.

  • Really? Havent tried vista yet, but was able to see it from a friend. I think MS is trying so hard to give us all a mac-like graphical interface but at the cost of… well speed and efficiency.

    There’s just this big hype with Vista that I’m tempted to upgrade my OS. 🙁

  • To be perfectly honest, I feel like Vista is slower in some aspects, while faster in others. I’m using an Acer Ferrari 1000. AMD Turion X2 dual -core processor, ATI Mobility Radeon X300, and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, running on Vista Home Premium. This is actually a big upgrade for me. I came from an old Athlon XP 1600+ PC with only 256MB of RAM, so I don’t really know how XP would fare using the same specs. But overall, I like using Vista, especially the new Speech Recognition engine built by Microsoft. I can actually command the computer to do anything and everything by speaking. I strongly believe that the UI is slow. Of course, this is graphics card dependent.

    If there’s anything that people should hate, I think it’s the high system requirements.

  • Errrr… correction.

    I strongly believe that UI can be slow, not that it’s really slow. It’s quite fast and responsive for me. 😀

    I can use Flip3D with 10 windows open + a 3D application like Google Earth or Second Life, without any jitters.

  • Personal Computers are big business. And this is going to stay the case for some time. Companies like MS are trying to make the most out of it. Sometimes at the expense of the user. One of these days they might shoot themselves in the foot. Causing people to look for an alternative

  • Windows Vista is pain the ass! Errr… My mom recently bought an ACER ASPIRE Core 2 Duo with 1gig mem and still Vista is too slow! I’m contemplating on whether to downgrade it to XP or what. My Pentium 4 PC with 784mb mem on XP is much much faster. Windows Vista is all about FANCYness (if there’s such a word)! Hahah 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I have Vista dual boot with Slackware on my laptop, I find Vista nothing exceptional it just feels like a dress up XP or 2000 with all eye candy turned off, except that a lot of my old software don’t work anymore, and it failed to detect or you have to manually point it to the directory driver whenever you used external mass storage drive, You could say I’m not satisfied.

    But if you want to really be disappointed get Vista as OS and Acer hardware I think they would be quite a pair their both compu-turd, selling stuff that doesn’t work.

  • premonition

    i’m using acer aspire 4520 notebook but as far as vista is concern, there’s no problem for me, just a couple of tweaks, removing some startup files, then it worked like a gem. try tweaking.

  • Just recently bought an acer aspire 5573 with vista pre-installed. Vista is really problematic and I dont see the use of UAC (turn it off already. It hangs up always and is very slow. There are even times that it says that my vista license is already tampered after running Ragnarok Online. Thank God the license problem will be gone after I reboot.

    Likewise, there are even times that it restart or shutdown by itself. T_T

    I want to downgrade to XP…

  • computer guy

    I have had vista for over 3 years now and I still basolutely hate it. Sometimes it just runs fine like a normal pc then it just comes up with some stupid error or secutriy message. I finally shut down them annoying security messages that keep popping up for every little thing that you do. Now my pv well Vista decides that I am not the admin of my pc anymore anything i try to get into which holds valuable or confidential information tells me I am not an admin.
    When I only have 1 login and its the admin with password etc…

    After all this I can still say that vista is just a pain in the backside.

    Whereas windows looks like vast and great improvement on its predecessor.

    If I was to buy windows 7 I guess iI would go for the Ultimate version best by far.