Active Websites Reaching 150 Million

Netcraft released their November report on the total number of active websites and the figures are breaching the 150M mark. That is an increase of almost 7M websites from the previous month.
November total Number of Active Web Sites

Starting from September the average increase per month of active websites was in the 7M range. Compare that with last year’s monthly increase average of 1M which tripled in value come Q1 of 2007.

Netcraft is attributing this increase of websites to the rush of users setting up blogs and flocking to social networking sites to set up their personal pages (Windows Live Spaces, Myspace, Blogger etc.) Add to that also the domain names bought by entrepreneurs of the Domaineering Business.

With that data on hand, plus the promise of cheaper broadband access and the ever dropping hosting and bandwidth fee’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if that figure goes up even further next year. Makes you wonder how the other search engines get to cope with that amount of data that they have to sift through? Thank God for Sitemaps and the Ping function.

Makes you feel too that your own site is infinitesimally small compared to the vastness of the World Wide Web.

Update: Netcraft just released their figures for December and the total no. of active sites now stands at 155 M. Compared to last month’s growth of 7M, December only registered 5M worth of new sites. Guess the web too slows down during the Holidays.

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  • 150M sites!
    I wonder how many months now will it take Google to index all the websites.

  • silphead

    HAhaha…. omg 150m.. thats owning..

  • wow! I’m thinking if my site belongs to that stat? hehehehe :p

  • Yep.. that would take alot of processing power to index..

  • wow! 150 million and counting….the web is really getting bigger and bigger 🙂

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  • This is pretty confusing. This article says that Netcraft claimed there are 150M ‘Active’ websites.

    However, click on the source article and look at the graph created by Netcraft. The graph says:

    Hostnames (blue) 150M
    Active (red) 65M

    So it seems either Netcraft has inverted the colors or it is quoted incorrectly.

    Does anyone have a definition of Netcrafts usage of the words ‘Hostnames’ or ‘Active’.

    Can anyone point me to a description of their methodology?


  • irene

    Wow that’s a lot! I wonder how much is their revenue…hehe that’s a lot of money. I want to have my own website but I don’t really know what to I found this site
    Web Hosting maybe I can start from here

  • It seems that there are lot of websites out there, but the figure is not correct enough, netcraft also count the sub domains as active websites and there are lot of blogs which are active with sub domains.