ADATA brings two DDR4 memory module lines in PH

Seeking to provide upgrade solution for PC DIY users via faster clock frequencies and lower power consumption, ADATA Technology launched two DDR4 memory module lines in the Philippines “” the Premier DDR4 2133 Unbuffered-DIMM and XPG Z1 DDR4 Overclocking Memory. Both support the latest Intel Haswell-E platform.


The DDR4 2133 U-DIMM has speeds of up to 2133MHz and a transfer bandwidth reaching 17GB/s, providing greater efficiency of data transfer and 20 percent less power consumption than previous generations of DRAM.


Yet the XPG Z1 DDR4 has speeds of up to 2800MHz, timings of CL 17-17-17 and transfer bandwidth reaching 22GB/s. Only 1.2V is required to achieve high clock frequency of 2800MHz for overclockers. Its SPD or Serial Presence Detect allows direct application without changing settings in the BIOS, facilitating usage and system stability.

And with its unique Thermal Conductive Technology and 10-layer PCBs with 2oz copper, the chips in XPG Z1 can contact with the heat sinks directly.

ADATA said the memory modules provide customers a lifetime warranty for the maximum assurance with excellent service.

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