AdMob shares Mobile Web Metrics

AdMob, probably the largest mobile ad network provider, has served over 8.8 Billion ad impressions since their launch last January of 2006. Based on their web traffic stats from over 2,000 mobile publishers, they’ve published some of the most interesting stats in mobile web publishing.

Here are some of the stats in their September 2007 report:

Web MetricsThe United States takes the lead of all traffic at 42% (673.7 million impressions), followed by India at 10% (160 Million) and South Africa (106 Million). Interestingly, Indonesia comes in at number 5 with 3.9% (62.7 Million) and Bangladesh at #8 with 1.5% or 24 Million ad impressions. The Philippines didn’t make it to the top 10.

In terms of the handsets, Nokia leads the pack serving 30.4% of total impressions followed by Motorola at 13.3% and Samsung at 12.1%. Sony Ericsson is at 11.2% and RIM at 8.5%. If we’re taking specific handset models, Motorola RAZR V3 is on top at 4% followed by Motorola KRZR Kc1 (2.7%), Blackberry 8700 (2.4%) and the Blackberry 8100 is tied with the Nokia N70 at 2.2%.

In the US, Motorola and RIM shared the top spots at 18+% despite Nokia’s worldwide domination. Another interesting tidbit is that in India, all of the top 10 in the handsets are from Nokia — starting with the N6030, N6600, N6670, N70, N72, N3230, N6630, N7610, N6233, and N73 in descending order with an overall share of 67.1% of total ad impressions served.

In South Africa, Nokia leads the pack followed by Samsung. In the United Kingdom, Sony Ericsson tops the list closely followed by Nokia.

In September 2007, AdMob served a total of about 1.59 billion impressions in its network and though the stats shared above are by no means representative of the entire mobile web market, it sure does give us a glimpse of its size and expanse.

Though AdMob did not give any specific figures coming from iPhones, though they claim that it is already generating meaningful mobile web traffic.

Click here to download the full report.

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  • This report shows what we already know – the Mobile Web is not big in the Philippines.

    It also shows that people should join you Abe in putting up mobile sites and putting AdMob ads!

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