Adobe offers discounted products for Filipino teachers and students

For the first time in the Philippines, Adobe Systems Inc. announced the availability of significantly discounted versions of its industry-leading software for students and teachers. How much of a discount are we talking about? How about up to 80% off the full retail price?


Products in this program include Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Design Premium, Creative Suite5.5 Design Standard, Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium and Adobe Acrobat® X Pro. The products offered under the Student and Teacher Software program are identical to the commercial edition and include a number of Adobe suites and individual products, encompassing the best-selling design and development software that applies to almost all creative processes.

So again, how cheap will these products be for qualified teachers and students? Well for example, the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard which retails for Php69,000 is going to be just Php3,599 under this program. Talk about savings!

“œThe launch of Adobe Student and Teacher Software program in the Philippines is an important step for Adobe’s digital education strategy,” said Vicky Skipp, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Adobe. “œOur experience is that when students have access to digital media software at very affordable prices, there is a rapid increase in their digital skills and confidence. Students display their talents, express their creativity and learn to collaborate more effectively. Adobe software offers an excellent way for students and teachers to produce web pages, videos and mobile content, applications and epublishing content – and helps them understand how to merge the creative process into their daily assignments and work tasks.”

“œTeachers and students in the Philippines need the right tools to help them acquire the latest digital media skills needed for developing content for the digital industry.  By making our leading software available to students and teachers at highly discounted prices, Adobe is proud to support Philippines’s initiative to develop ICT-based education to drive the next generation’s workforce,” Ms. Skipp further added.

Eligibility Requirements

Students enrolled at, and teachers, faculty and staff employed by educational institutions as defined by Adobe on

Pricing and Availability

Qualified students, teachers, faculty and staff can purchase Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software from    Adobe authorized reseller(s) in Philippines, currently Senco Link.

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  • Anonymous

    cool, maybe now people will buy their software -smirk-

  • JmBalicano

    Aren’t we still one of the top consumers of pirated products in the world? Savvy college profs will probably still download through torrents.

    • yeah that’s why adobe is doing this to give people the chance to go legit.

    • jose

      no, the Indians and Pakistanis are.

  • Griswold

    Wow this is more affordable. the retail price is really insane that ordinary people would really resort to getting the pirated version. if adobe wants people to buy legit software then this is a step towards that direction.