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Adobe Photoshop Online Version?

It has been announced that Adobe Systems plan to release an online version of Adobe Photoshop within six months. The hosted version will be ad-supported (free for use) but has limited features. Chizen hopes to generate revenue from the ad-supported version of Adobe Photoshop.

Prior to the release of the hosted version of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Remix will be released in a few weeks. Adobe Remix is a web-based video editing tool which will be made available for free to Photobucket users. According to Webware, it is a stripped down version of Adobe Premiere Elements.

Adobe Systems was a little late in having a hosted version of Adobe Photoshop since there are already available online image editors such as:

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  • I think that it will be an online version of Adobe Photoshop Elements instead of the real Photoshop. There’s only so much you can do on the web right now.

  • I dont think theres a lot you can do with on online version of PS. Maybe simple stuff like resizing, simple lines, colors, etc.

  • john rey

    there`s so many things to do !!!!!!!
    i think they must be a wesite for adode insted of finding more data from the other websites thats all!!!!! thank