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Adonit Jot Classic stylus review, can make you better at Draw Something?

Ever since playing Draw Something, I was on the hunt for a stylus that can give me a precise way to draw that’s better than my stubby fingertips. The problem with most, if not all stylus (stylii?) available for the iPad (or other capacitive screens) is that they have a thick rounded nub so it’s difficult to be precise on where the tip will touch. Not that different much from a fingertip really.

The Adonit Jot is something that’s unlike any other stylii out there. It was a successful product from crowd-sourcing site for inventions, Kickstarter.

adonit jot classic 1

A pointed tipped stylus is required for precision-use but it doesn’t really work with capacitive touchscreen displays. What Adonit did was use a removable transparent-disc that is attached to its ball-point tip. With this setup, you will know where your point is touching in whatever angle you’re using it. It’s the closest you can get to a pointed stylus.

adonit jot classic 2

Adonit has three stylii available, the plain Classic, the shorter Mini which has a built-in clip, and the Pro which has a rubber grip and magnetically clings to the iPad.

So how does it fare?

adonit jot classic 3

First of all, the aluminum body gives it a really nice,professional look while adding heft for a more natural handling. It feels like you’re using one of those expensive pens with the right weight and grip. I also like the cap which you have to screw to cover the tip, or on its tail when in use, as it prevents you from accidentally uncapping and losing it. Love the available colors as well.

adonit jot classic 4

Now onto its performance. Right off its case it works perfectly. Strokes are not missed and you can stop, lift and continue on a stroke without guessing where to touch the stylus. I used it on an unprotected screen, a screen with a matte protector, and an iPad screen with a matte protector and additional layer of screen from the case and it performed superbly in all accounts.

It really is a nice companion for those who jot notes (Penultimate app for the iPad rocks by the way) or does a lot of sketching. I tried it on Draw Something and it really improved my drawing skills. =P

adonit draw something

However, Adonit cautions us that it won’t work well on screen protectors that provide extra grip such as: Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield, Ghost Armor, Bodyguardz, Skinomi, and Wrapsol.

Then there’s also the degrading performance over long usage. After a whole day’s use, I am now experiencing skipping on my notes and unresponsiveness with strokes when using it at an angle. I made sure that the disc and the screen are free from dirt and smudge but it’s not the case. Not good at all. It looked like the connection between the disc and the ball-tip becomes loose over time.

adonit jot classic 5

You can buy replacement discs but they’re not available here yet and it’s expensive. Fortunately, other people found an inexpensive solution that really works (although I have yet to try). What you can do is put some thermal grease or a wad of aluminum foil where the tip meets its slot on the disc. Both solutions will increase the conductive power of the tip across the disc for a more responsive performance although the aluminum foil solution will make angling the pen a bit stiff.

When it works, the Adonit Jot looks like the best solution right now for a capacitive screen stylus. However, it’s not yet perfect until Adonit found a way to prolong its superb performance without having to result to McGyverisms.

The Adonit Jot is available in Digital Hub and Beyond the Box stores with the following pricing:

  • Jot Classic ““ Php950
  • Jot Mini ““ Php1,050
  • Jot Pro ““ Php1,350

The price is a bit expensive but it’s really a unique stylus that just plain works far better than other stylus out in the market today if you’re after precision. And if you’re thinking of buying it online, the price at our local store is almost the same. Oh if you’re a Philmug user, you’ll get the customary 10% discount.

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  • a9828

    i have the pro and i don’t see a pen. vs the classic though, it’s magnetic and can stick itself to the side of the ipad (and effectively turn off the device).

    • you are right. i corrected the post. it’s the jot flip which has a pen on one end. sorry bout that.

      • Anne Maiko

        Hey guys, where did you purchase this stylus. Ive been asking at the mall around Muntinlupa and I cant find one.

  • jonax

    i have to say… you’ve got some mad skills at draw something. i’m usually just drawing stick figures when i’m playing. =P

  • Punks

    Just wait for cd–r king to sell this kind of stylus. Might be less than a hundred pesos only hehe

    • well i hope so. pero wala pa rin gumagaya nito eh. cd-r king has their own stylus nga pala P60 lang pero madaling ma-wear out yung rounded tip.

  • F

    Does this stylus also work with Android phones?

  • PsychoMp3

    I think the original manufacturer of this stylus is Dagi.

  • Griswold

    I wont mind paying for its price if i really need a stylus on my tablet… yung iba nasa Php600 pero mahirap pag gusto mo accurate writing.

    btw, awesome drawings sir.

  • stef

    I have to admit, I was going a bit crazy with the ton of stylus options on the web and decided to see what was being offered here locally. I intend to get a stylus for note-taking in class, and as per your review, I don’t think this is it for me. I need something long-lasting 🙁 too bad, this looked really cool too.

    • aww… this works really good for note taking, just apply thermal paste so it will function better and will last longer.

  • Kevin

    Please help. I lost my transparent tip.. What do i do? very much appreciated for ur reply.

  • Denise

    where can i pay that kind of stylus?? i was very fond of DAGi but i want other brands out there just like this one with good precision for drawing.. where could i buy this one??

    from Phil here by the way..i don’t have paypal and it costs much to buy from outside phil.. i hope you can help.. THANKS!!~~

  • Hi, do you know local stores who sell jotpro?

  • Meron pa po b kyong stock ng jot pro? At saan po store nyo ng hhnap po kc ako nito.. Puro out of stock n cla.. (T ^ T)

    • KC

      I share the same sentiment… San pa po ba may ibang pwedeng bilihan? i' m really desperate to have one… 🙁