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AFP got it wrong on Accenture lay offs

A story published by Business World Online mentions Accenture’s new round of lay offs that cuts down the workforce at the Manila office by half.

However, the actual number is just 500 and I don’t think that represents 50% of employees in Accenture Manila. More like 3%.

US-BASED outsourcing firm Accenture is laying off almost half its work force in Manila due to the effects of the global financial crisis, the Labor department said yesterday. Accenture Philippines has filed a notice of retrenchment for about 500 workers at its facilities in Manila, Labor Undersecretary Rosalinda Baldoz said. Accenture, which engages in business process outsourcing, including call centers, had about a thousand workers in Manila and in March 2008, it opened an office in Cebu City that employs about 500. Call centers and other outsourced business processes have become a major industry in the Philippines. Industry leaders had predicted that the sector would not be affected by the global turmoil as companies in developed countries outsource more of their functions abroad to save money during the crisis. “” AFP

Accenture employs around 16,000 in the Philippines which includes an office handling their call center in Cebu City. They have a total of about 9 offices around the country, most of which are located in Metro Manila.

The BPO company started making job cuts back in January with an initial 500 regular employees. That’s on top of the probationary workforce it has already let go in the last quarter of 2008.

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  • Thanks for the correction, it’s a relief to know that not so many people really got laid off.

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  • This is the advantage of working in a call center. The employees learn the international procedures of working in American system. They will have the advantage now when they plan to apply to another call center.