Ainol Novo 7 Aurora vs. Ainol Novo 7 Elf, what’s the difference?

Two new inexpensive, Android 4.0 7-inch tablets from Ainol appeared one after another, the Novo 7 Aurora and and Novo 7 Elf, both of which are said to be an upgrade from the Novo 7 Advanced and the Novo 7 Paladin.


The big question is, what’s the difference between the Aurora and the Elf? Over at Widget City, the Aurora (8GB) is selling at Php8,600 while the Elf (8GB) costs less at Php7,850. What makes the Aurora slightly more expensive than the Elf?

Let’s look at their specs side-by-side:

Ainol Novo 7 AuroraAinol Novo 7 Elf
Allwinner Many Core A10, 1.2GHz CPUAllwinner Many Core A10, 1.2GHz CPU
Mali-400 GPUMali-400 GPU
Android 4.0 Ice Cream SandwichAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
7.0 inch Capacitive multi-touch screen7.0 inch Capacitive multi-touch screen
1024×600 resolution, IPS display1024×600 resolution
8GB internal storage8GB internal storage
microSD up to 32GBmicroSD up to 32GB
2.0 megapixel front camera (no rear camera)2.0 megapixel front camera (no rear camera)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/nWiFi 802.11 b/g/n
No 3G, No BluetoothNo 3G, No Bluetooth
HDMI output 1080pHDMI output 1080p
No Android MarketNo Android Market
Up to 6 hours battery lifeUp to 6 hours battery life

Looks identical right? The only advantage the Aurora has over the Elf is its IPS display. What’s IPS display you ask? It’s a type of display that gives you a wider viewing angle so that you don’t need to prop or hold it at a specific angle just to get a good viewing experience. You would want this if you would be sharing your display with other people or you don’t want to hold it at a certain angle every time you’re watching a video. It’s the same type of feature as that of the iPad 2’s display.

Well there’s another minimal difference, the Aurora comes in a glossy finish while the Elf has the soft matte finish we saw on the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin. Other than that, they’re pretty much twins.

Both tablets use the ARM Cortex chipset so we can expect more compatibility with Android apps. If you see a 1.5GHz CPU on other websites, the Many Core A10 listed here can go up to 1.5GHz but is underclocked to 1.2GHz probably to save battery.

There you have it. Don’t pull your hairs trying to find out the difference between the two. It’s just the IPS display on the Aurora.

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  • perci

    Wow, thanks for the info. To the buyers, go for the IPS.

  • Ed

    Both tablets are laggy i don’t know why. Paladin is much smoother in terms of UI transitions. Looks like MIPS(PALADIN) processor is better than ARM(ELF & AURORA) but in terms of apps compatibility ARM wins no doubt.

    • must be the high res display. root na lang and overclock. 🙂

      • brysonw

        get a launcher!

  • afffordable

    No Android market? wow…I was planning to get Elf while my Paladin is still being fixed by Widget City

  • joey

    no 3G? maski bluetooth wala? pang LONER yata ang design… malungkot….

    • Michelle

      I’m planning to have one, pero NO BLUETOOTH????
      I can’t imagine a gadget without bluetooth.

  • For your information, you can find both of theme on at this adress :

  • Griswold

    again that missing app market makes this not practical for those not knowing how to tinker with their devices, those who don’t know how to root their android.

  • boom87

    no android market? could somebody please tell me something about this….thanks

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  • ivanz

    Yes! Ainol Novo7 Tablets doesn’t come with a pre-installed Android Market…

    But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have Android Market at all… Its just, Android Market and Google Apps isn’t really part of Android OS since start…

    Here’s the complete guide how to install Android Market and Google Apps with just a non-Techie way of running an ADB Script…


  • hmmmmm

    pansin ko nga mejo laggy… so overclocking talaga ang sagot???

    • ivanz

      The Tablet itself isn’t laggy… The Tablet’s hardwares are very similar to Samsung Galaxy P1010 hardwares…

      We have done several tests with one of my friend who have Novo7 Elf and Novo7 Aurora… And we found out that the Stock ICS Launcher is the culprit…

      Replacing the Stock ICS Launcher with ADW_Ex Launcher or Downgrading the Android OS to Gingerbread 2.3.4 will fix the UI Lag Issue…

      Kindly watch this clip:

  • berry870417

    hi, this is Berry ,we are a wholesale of NOVO 7 ( basic , advance , elf ,Aurora and so on ) ,we can provide good price ,if you are interested , pls contact with me .my email address is :[email protected] , MSN : [email protected]

  • Gabriel

    Hi, where can I get the Novo 7 Aurora for 8500 brand new with warranty? Text me at 09228662806

  • Ainol Novo 7 Aurora on sale in Ukraine

  • zzz

    no market???

    how do you install the market or play store on this device then?

    inputs pls. i clicked the link above but its no longer existing.

  • zzz

    no market???

    how do you install the market or play store on this device then?

    inputs pls. i clicked the link above but its no longer existing. …

    • root it first. then install the google apps manually. unfortunately, i don’t know how to root these

  • maico

    Im planning to buy Ainol Aurora, can someone confirm kung lag ba talaga siya kahit brand new at kung noticeable ito. balita ko wala siyang bluetooth pero pwede daw “bluetooth share” can someone tell me what is bluetooth share? btw paki confirm narin kung gumagana face unlock ng ics sa aurora. TIA

    • baka yung bluetooth share is for transferring files. ang wala sya is bluetooth a2dp for wireless headsets.

  • Nice information here. Question lang, pwedeng pang record ng video ‘to? If ever, how’s the output? Thanks!

  • sherwood

    6hrs battery life ba talaga yan?

  • Marco

    When are you reviewing the Google Nexus and the Ainol Fire?