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Ainol Novo 7 Paladin Unboxing and First Impressions

What we have here folks is one cheap 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet, the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin and yes, it runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. It says so on the box and I also checked the UI and the system settings. I first heard of Ainol when I saw their stall at SM Megamall (near Cyberzone) and I got curious about their cheap tablets which aren’t shabby-looking at all.

Fortunately, our friends over at Widget City sent one for us to try out. I’ll post my review soon but first, let’s see what’s inside the box.


Who wouldn’t love a 7-inch tablet with a flaming horse on its box. And there’s also the Marvel logo which would make comic geeks curious.


Fancy looking box inside the box.

And here are the contents of the box.


You’ll get the Paladin 7-inch tablet that comes with a rather cheap-looking faux-leather folio case. Basic earphones. And a miniUSB (not microUSB) cable for data and charging. No USB adapter for power outlet charging so you’ll have to get your own. At least you don’t need a special cable for charging.


The Paladin has a soft matte finish at the back and the bezel makes it look like a digital picture frame. It’s not slim, but it’s more compact than the older Ainol Novo 7 Advanced. All the physical buttons are on the side and this includes the Back and Menu buttons which is a bit weird since they can just use the onscreen Android buttons.


Turning on the unit, I was greeted by its 800 x 480 resolution display. A bit of a letdown when I just came from using the Huawei MediaPad. But I guess that’s what its price is capable of. If you’re picky with graphics, you’ll be irritated with the obvious pixels you would see on the Paladin’s display. However, the target audience of this tablet won’t care much about the display.

Anyway, Ice Cream Sandwich works fine on the Novo 7 Paladin. I saw a lot of Chinese apps which you might want to uninstall pronto. Transitions and switching apps are not as smooth as I want it to be but they’re not that slow either. Tried playing the pre-installed Spider-man (that’s what the Marvel logo is all about) and touch response and animation is snappy most of the time unless a lot of action is going on the screen at the same time.


So that’s it for now. Will play with it some more to give you a more detailed review and see if it’s worth the Php5,800 price Widget City is selling it for. Showed it to my friends at work and they said that they’re willing to buy such tablet at that price. Better than Kingcom’s. Hehehe.

UPDATE: We got word from Widget City that ordinarily, the package does not come with the leather case (Php150). But for you, PTB readers, just print this page and you get the leather case for free as well as a 4GB microSD when you buy the Ainol Novo 7 Paladin.

 Ainol Novo 7 Paladin Specs:
MIPS-Based XBurst 1.0GHz processor
Vivante GC860 444MH GPU
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
7-inch capacitive touchscreen display (840 x 480 resolution)
8GB internal storage, support for microSD up to 32GB
8GB internal storage, support for microSD up to 32GB
512M RAM
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
No cameras (front/rear)
4000 mAh battery
Colors: Black / White
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  • dvancleef

    I bought one of these direct from china a couple weeks ago.

    While it has market, a lot of popular apps are not available to directly install off of the market app. You need to obtain the .apk file and sideload facebook, twitter, etc.

    Skype does not work.

    It seemed so small when I got it (even the box), but its got the same size screen as all other 7″ tablets, the thin bezel really fools you.

    • affordable

      Hi sir dvancleef,

      May I know where I could dL the .apk file and FB? Plenty of thanks for the help 🙂

      • dvancleef

        Easiest way is to use an apk backup from another android device.

        • affordable

          thanks for the tip..sadly my other Android is stolen :(. Tried DL from websites, unable to open/install the file. AM dont have these support, true to your saying sir.

          Hoping there is another way….

  • jhune23

    i like this tablet, its a great tablet for its price

  • ArchAngel

    Not bad. Capacitive screen, 1 Ghz processor, dedicated GPU, ICS, and 4000 mAh which I reckon means marginally acceptable battery life. Save for the pedestrian resolution and lack of any cam, not bad at all.

  • ArchAngel

    …for its price, that is.

  • For that price, it has a power packed specs!

    Kaya pag may bumili nito, dapat wag na magreklamo… kasi magreklamo ka pa ba eh yung iba 20k++ ang bili nila.. tapos yung ainol 6k lang!

  • dvancleef

    Its still overpriced in Philippines by at least 20%. The one I bought from china, including EMS shipping which got it to me in 4 DAYS from order placement came out to the equivalent of P4500.

    Oh, and in the last few days Ainol have released a 4.0.3 firmware update.

    • Nonoy_iho

      Hi, can you share the site where you ordered your tablet. Thanks!

    • hi can you point me to a link to that 4.0.3 firmware? can’t seem to find it. thanks!

      • dvancleef

        Apparently the Paladin image is not an official released update and is resulting in non-working tablets for some people so I’ll decline posting the the link publically until Ainol release an official one.

        • yeah i read that too. actually i was able to download the 299mb file but i can’t install it. renamed it to update.zip and copied it to my empty 1GB microSD. did the power and volume+ thingy. saw the android updating animation but after rebooting, it’s still in 4.0.1 😛

  • JmBalicano

    Thank goodness they shrunk that bezel. A lot of the cheap tablet offerings out there from places like Kingcom and Cherry Mobile have a really thick bezel. It’s a real waste of space and it also means you’re carrying around a chunkier tablet when you don’t have to. Sure there are a few downsides like the poor resolution, lack of Bluetooth and such, but at that price point? There’s really not much to complain about.

    Looking forward to that review!

  • Nonoy_iho

    When was the last time you saw the Ainol stall at SM Megamall?

    • hmmm siguro 2 or 3 weekends ago. dun sa may cyberzone. stall lang sya malapit sa dating smart center.

      • Nonoy_iho

        Thanks Calvin. I’ll drop by SM Mega later to check if the stall is still there.

  • affordable

    a tablet brand from China…. Ainol have followers in Malaysia too – I guess this is a good China brand/tablet producers.

    Bought from Widget City, didn’t get the leather case. Can i still claim for this? 🙁

  • Ned

    kht 3.2MP cam ok na sana..
    wla din ba ‘tong sim card?

    • walang sim card, wifi lang ito.

  • Hello, is the Widget City promo still applies? So where to buy?

    • yeah head to widgetcity.com.ph to order. it may not be listed yet but they have it already.

    • Widget City

      you can order at 09175423438 or visit our site at widgetcity.com.ph stocks are onhand:)

  • pinoy persuasion

    Buti pa to ICS na, ang Transformer ko hindi pa!

  • Primon Bugayong

    Ok na sana, kaso no camera, bluetooth & wall charger?

    I think this unit is comparable sa cherrypad turbo. Pero Yung cherry may cam & bluetooth although for now naka 2.3 pa but with a better display resolution & i hope better technical support for about p500+ more.

    Based sa infos i have read, basta may 1ghz processor capable yung android device of upgrading from gingerbread to ice cream.

    I eagerly await your review for this. Graduation time is around the corner and my kid wants a tablet of her own.

  • So how fast does it goes?

  • Ed

    Calvin full access ba sa android market? calvin pwede ba siyang mag install ng dropbox? or skype?

    • di ko makita skype sa market. dropbox naman i already installed it manually from an apk i exported from my phone.

  • kimkae77

    yung sa’kin P350.00+ for the case.
    sayang wala nga lang wall charger..

  • eric

    Sikat na ang brand na Ainol sa mga android forum. iba-iba nilalabas nila na model, yung paladin is their cheapest model. maglalabas pa sila ng mas powerfull na model.

  • JmBalicano

    Hoping there are larger models too. I have a 7 inch Coby tablet and I’m stuck on holding it in landscape when reading comics and magazines.

  • bookworm

    Hi! Can you recommend this as a good e-book reader, perhaps a good alternative to Kindle Fire? Thank you! 🙂

  • Ed

    Calvin? marami bang apps ang hindi compatible sa kanya?

    • yeah looks like it. hindi lumalabas sa market. yung age of dragons na apk ko ayaw nya rin ma-intall. trying to look for a firmware which they say fixes this issue. meron sa net pero hindi official eh. might try it though.

  • Ed

    Calvin Release mo na ang ang FULL REVIEW excited na kami. Looking forward to buy one not the PALADIN but the ELF na available sa mid FEB. sa widget.

    • im still trying to find a workaround to find apps in the market. ayaw ko kasi manual install lang ng apk. i can’t find skype, yahoo, youtube and flash player. wala kasing youtube app and youtube vids won’t work sa browser.

      • affordable

        Im combing through android market, yet to find one though.. would love to get youtube in as well as YM.

      • Ed

        Kahit mobile version site ng youtube hindi pwede? Kahit pala may android market hindi naman full access. tsk. tsk. wait ko nalang yata yung sa asus memo 370T @ least yun ay ARM chip set unlike this one na MIPS

        • i think it’s because of ICS. kelangan mga manufacturers i-sisign nila sa google mismo mga device nila para malicense yung google apps and the android market. since gustong mauna itong si ainol sa ICS, bypass na nila si google.

  • Ed

    Calvin I’m still waiting for the full review lol:

    • im still waiting for the update. if i reviewed it as it is medyo letdown sya.

      • George

        do you have any website with complete tablets with prices within philippines pls?

  • Ed

    MIPS kasi siya diba kaya hindi compatible mga application? Yung ELF and AURORA calvin can you confirm kung ARM sya or MIPS?

  • I am debating on whether or not to get the new Ainol Novo 7 Elf tablet pc. It will be faster than the Paladin and has camera and Android 4.0 so it is very tempting.

  • maico

    Im planning to buy Ainol Aurora, can someone confirm kung meron ba siyang wall charger na kasama at kung meron ba na white color na available. balita ko wala siyang bluetooth pero pwede daw “bluetooth share” can someone tell me what is bluetooth share? btw paki confirm narin kung gumagana face unlock ng ics sa aurora. TIA

  • cha

    how much pagawa ng wifi ng ainol 7 paladin thanx