AKG K451 Headphone Review

Anyone who listens to music while on the go, knows that having huge ear cans can be quite cumbersome. Although you may be oblivious to the ambient noise but unless you wanted to look like a walking Napster logo, you’d still want a pair of headphones that are portable without sacrificing sound quality.

akg k451

Now AKG by Harman, one of the leading companies in audio systems has something to offer – the K451. The K451 comes from AKG’s lineup of compact headphones that deliver portability, comfort and great sound quality. For the music-goer, this may be the headphone that you’re looking for.


The design of the K451 takes the exact aesthetics and sound specs of the award winning K450. It’s lightweight and feels sturdy to which there’s a good amount of traction when adjusting the headband. More importantly, you won’t feel the earcups pressing much on your ears, all the while maintaining a snug fit. This makes for a comfortable listening experience that you’ll surely bring with you wherever you go.

akg k451

The earcups are at just the right size for being compact and can be twisted and folded for easy storage. It also comes bundled with a carrying case where you can also fit your iPod or any portable music player.

akg k451

The only difference with the K451 from the K450 is with the addition of a detachable cable with volume controls and in-line mic. This will appeal to smartphone users as they can make hands-free calls and switch tracks with ease. Nowadays, most headphones support a host of Apple products and the K451 is no exception, so expect this to be fully functional on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Unfortunately, just like with other made-for-Apple headphones, the controls here won’t work with Android devices, not even the volume control.

Sound Quality:

The K451’s sound quality is an exceptional feat for the eardrums. You could hear every bit of the highs, mids and lows of a song to which is something I basically look for in a headphone. For the bass head, you might be disappointed with the bass output as the K451 is solely not intended for ridiculously booming sounds and to my standard, the bass is just quite right.

akg k451

I listen mainly to rock and heavy metal so I tend to play Farby Barfly by the Pilgrimz (warning: explicit lyrics) as a test. The K451 faired pretty well from the test of crunching guitars, double peds and roaring vocals as it maintained a crisp and clean output throughout the song. Also, the K451 gets loud easily so you don’t have to max out the volume to bang your eardrums. Even on higher decibels, the sound quality is still maintained.

Oh, and the sound doesn’t flow much from the earcups so people from the elevator won’t hear what you’re listening to. Also, a good measure of headphone quality is the ability to make a lowly bit rate song sound almost like it was ripped directly from a CD and the K451 does it best. What more if you’re playing a high bit rate file?


akg k451

Now all this talk about portability and sound quality has been quite enticing so far and you might be expecting that the price for this would be a deal breaker. Indeed, the price of Php 7,590.00 for a compact headphone is a hefty price to pay. But if you’re really looking for a travel-friendly headset that doesn’t bulge in your knapsack and you’re thinking of replacing your earwax-ed in-ear headphones then you might want to consider this. Take note that you’re also paying for a premium headphone that has exceptional sound quality that has been AKG’s reputation.

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  • john

    who writes these articles? it was a pain to read. i was looking for info on the akg k451 when i stumbled upon this article.

    7590? why not just recommend buying the k450 for 4500?

    good headphones also don’t make crappy MP3s sound awesome; they actually expose poor track encoding. you should hear the tracks as they are. in contrast, a low quality headphone will make crappy files and good files sound the same.

    not to take anything away from the headphones; i think they are slightly above average, but the article is poorly written and the review has no sense.

    • these headphones are epic i think i know since i got them, bass, treble and midrange is great.

  • Emmanuel

    I agree with Bob. If you really enjoy listening to music, this will meet your expectation even you pay that amount. Here in Sydney, I pay $190 for it. So just enjoy. Bob said, epic? So true. Good day from the land of Oz.