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AKG’s K618 DJ Headphones Review

We’ve recently been able to get our hands on AKG’s K618 DJ headphones, which are closed-backed headphones marketed for DJs and also for the mass market. AKG is a German audio systems and accessories brand acquired by Harman, an American infotainment company that is well known for audio and electronics systems.

AKG K618 1


Out of the box, the K618 DJ comes with an adapter plug and a padded carrying case. The headphones itself is designed very simply, which is very refreshing compared to the glossy plastics of other brands. It has a sturdy feel to it, and despite being made largely of plastic it does not look to show itself off. It has a subtle sophistication, and the textured ring around the logo is a throwback to vinyl records (and validates the DJ branding).

AKG K618 2

When you put these on, the soft foam pads create a really good seal around the ears. I have a larger than average head, but thankfully it fits me just right when the “˜phones are fully extended. Those with even larger heads might need to adjust the angle it sits on their noggins.

AKG K618 4

The K618 DJ is easily storable thanks to it’s 3-axis folding mechanism. I’m glad that this is not the split-cord type as it would have been a chore to untangle. The cord has enough stiffness to not tangle so much when you store it in the carrying bag provided.

Sound and Comfort

As the K618 DJ creates a great seal around the ears, the sound that comes out is crisp. I’ve tested it listening to several genres of music and the one thing that stands out to me is that it’s bass-heavy, but not so much that it drowns out other sounds or makes you feel that something’s hitting your ears with compressed air.

AKG K618 3

Another thing worth mentioning is that since these are headphones (and quite powerful ones), some may notice that they have to turn up the volume a lot higher than usual on some devices. This is because it takes some amount of power to drive these babies. If you really want that extra oomph! I suggest you also get a headphone amp.

Overall, I feel that I can listen with these for several hours, which I did, but at around three hours I began to feel the discomfort which wasn’t helped by the fact that I was wearing my glasses.


AKG K618 5

These are an awesome pair of headphones that is expected from a premiere brand. It’s like the BMW of headphones: understated sophistication and German reliability. I felt a certain amount of sadness returning these after my review. It’s now available for Php4,490 and you can try them out for yourself at your nearest JBL showroom (BHS, Megamall, SM North EDSA). Believe me, that’s a great price.

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