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Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Review, an affordable dual-SIM Android phone

There’s not much dual-sim Android phones in the market today and Alcatel wants to get into that action some more by introducing the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N, an affordable, entry-level dual-SIM touchscreen Android phone.

Check out our review of this latest dual-sim Android handset from Alcatel that runs on Android OS Gingerbread, sports a 650MHz processor and has a 3.2″ capacitive touchscreen, and see if it will suit your needs.


When I held the Glory 918N, it felt solid and sturdy for an entry-level phone and its rubbery textured finish felt reassuring that it won’t easily get scratched from constant use. The metallic black plastic siding breaks the monotony of the finish of this phone.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N front 1 Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N front 2

The front is adorned with a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen plus dedicated touchscreen buttons below it for Menu, Search and Back. The Home function has its own physical button on another row below. The screen has a 320 x 480 resolution with 256k colors which already looks good on a small device.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N top Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N right Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N left

Top side is the 3.5mm audio jack near the center. On the right you’ll find the volume controls and the Power/Sleep button beside it. Left side houses the microUSB port for charging and data connection.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Back Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N inside

The back panel has that rubbery feel going to it which makes it immune to prints and to some extent, scratches. You’ll see a slightly protruding area for the 3-megapixel camera. Prying open the back panel is a simple task where you’ll see the compartment for your 2 SIM cards and also the for the microSD card (2GB microSD included).

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N and Samsung Galaxy Ace

Overall, it feels nice to hold and doesn’t have that awkward handling feeling some small phones exhibit. Just for comparison, it’s just slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Ace.


The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N is powered by a 650MHz processor running on stock Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) OS so you wouldn’t be seeing a lot of widgets and trimmings. There are apps that would give you more widgets though if that’s your thing.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N gingerbread Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N gingerbread 2

You must understand that as an entry-level phone, you shouldn’t be looking for always-snappy responses and smooth transitions and usage. The Glory has that tinny bit of lag at times when launching apps or switching screens but not to the point that it gets unbearable.

Here’s the Quadrant score (714) if you’re interested.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Quadrant

I tried a few games and some with heavy graphics such as Guerilla Bob and Age of Zombies exhibit frame stuttering but simple games like Pinball played smoothly. If you want smooth video playback, make sure you load small-resolution MP4 videos which it can natively play. Some AVIs require a third-party player and this will eat more resource from the phone when playing.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Game

This phone would make a nice music player with Android’s stock music app that can detect all MP3s on your storage wherever you put them and will also display tags and album arts when available. Just don’t expect much from its speakers or stock earphones. You might want to get some decent earphones if you’re into using it as a primary music player.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N browser

I’m not a fan of surfing the net on such a small screen but if you’re in a pinch for it, the browser on the Blaze Glory 918N is serviceable. It can’t however play embedded Flash videos and the Flash Player doesn’t show up in the Market which makes me think it’s not compatible with the phone.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N keyboard Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Touchpal

Another drawback of having a small screen is that you’re stuck with a small keyboard. I often get errors when touch-typing using this phone but luckily, the phone also features the TouchPal Curve keyboard which works somewhat similar to Swype. All you need to do is trace your finger to each letter and the phone will determine what you want to type even without you being too accurate. A nice feature indeed for a small touchscreen phone.

Dual SIM management

Probably one of the selling point of the Blaze Glory 918N  is the dual-SIM dual-standby feature. The top portion of your homescreen is dedicated to the status of your SIM cards.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N sim Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N sim management 2

Go to Settings and you see the SIM management menu where you can set the data connection for both SIMS on or off. You can also easily do this from the Status bar. It’s important to note that only the SIM on the first slot can achieve 3G speed. If you place your data SIM on the 2nd slot, you’ll be stuck with EDGE/GPRS.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N sim management

The Status bar is where you can also switch between SIMS. Or whenever you access your Contacts or Message list, you will be prompted if you want to switch SIMs (you can also turn this prompt off).


The Blaze Glory 918N features a 3.2-megapixel camera without flash. Shooting options are pretty basic here and don’t expect point-and-shoot quality photos from this phone.

Here are a few sample photos for the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N.

[nggallery id=29]

Quality is a bit noisy even under bright conditions but it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re going for a smaller resolution photo.

Battery life

The battery on the Blaze Glory 918N is rated at 1300mAh and I got almost two days worth of usage from it. When 3G is always on though I would be getting just a little over a day from this phone.


It is what it is. The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N is an entry-level Android phone that gives you dual-SIM capabilities. It has a nice heft, and feels solid and rugged even. Everything else feels normal for an entry-level smartphone, the screen quality, response, camera and performance gives you the basic Android experience that you need. Oh and you can also use this phone as a WiFi Hotspot by the way.

The Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N is priced at Php5,999 which I think is a fair price for its capabilities. If you want to go cheaper, Alcatel has the Blaze Duo 890D which is another dual-SIM Android but with a resistive screen for Php4,399.

Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N Specs:
650MHz MediaTek CPU
3.2″ 262k color display Capacitive touchscreen (320 x 480)
Dual-SIM Dual Standby
Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
200MB RAM, 150MB internal storage, expandable via microSD up to 32GB
3.2-megapixel camera, no flash
480p @ 30fps video recording
3G / HSDPA 7.2Mbps
Bluetooth 3.0
GPS with A-GPS
FM Radio with RDS
Li-Ion 1300mAh battery
SRP: Php5,999
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  • Ronald

    Availability? Would you know of any outlets that carry this sa North Edsa area?

    • Here you go:
      SM North Edsa
      Memo Express
      Mega One
      5th Avenue
      Power Telecom
      SM Appliance Center The Block
      SM Hypermarket The Block
      Games and Gadgets
      Wellcom 3C

    • may instagram ba to?

      • Of course, if it has android there is instagram you download it from there,mate.

  • Rom

    Do those stores in SM North have the phone on stock right now? I can’t find this phone in some of the malls I visited lately. Thanks.

    • ahh you might wanna ask your question over at their FB page.

    • pedz

      sm dasma in cavite maraming stock….

  • John G

    Affordable. RAM is too small though. Similar to CM Nova’s specs a year ago.

  • Griswold

    I think this will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS. Mas malaki and better nga lang screen neto.

  • Migs

    For P2k more, you get a higher-rated processor and more RAM with the Cherry Mobile Stellar.

    If your budget really is only up to P6k though, this is still a good buy.

  • Paul

    Yes, I believe that for an additional 2k, the CM Stellar will fit the bill better.

  • ned

    i just bought alcatel OT-813D, i thought it was their best dual sim, anyway i still love it. but wow!, 150MB internal mem, 650MHz, that is something..

  • Sin

    Is it multi-touch?

  • Marlo

    You mean you can use pinch to zoom??

  • eric

    which would you recommend buying, the ALCATEL BLAZE DUO OT-918N or the LENOVO A60? which of the two phones would you say is “good value for money”? thanks.

    (im planning to purchase a new phone this week)

    • i haven’t tried the Lenovo A60 but this blaze glory looks to be a good value buy for a cheap dual-sim android.

      • eric

        thanks for the reply. however i can’t seem to find a store that has this unit on stock. would you have any info as to which store would have in on stock asap as i really am planning to get one. i’ve been to sm north and megamalls cyberzone(s) but to no avail. thanks.

        btw, do you have a review of the galaxy Y duos? how much is it and is it available in manila now?

        thanks much….

        • sa cmkcellphones.com may galaxy y duos na. you might want to check it to see how much. i would assume it’s the same as galaxy y, just dual sim.

          you can also visit the Alcatel philippines FB page para they can reply to you kung san may stock ng 918n

          • eric

            i have called their office (alcatel) twice but have not spoken to any competent person to give me a reliable and specific answer to my queries. i also inquired thru their FB account but have not gotten a reply yet which was why i just relied on your responses.

            and regarding the galaxy Y duos, i don’t think i’d be getting one since im not used to a qwerty keypad on a mobile phone when i saw it’s pics on a blog.

            thanks again….

          • hmm? y duos is touchscreen. yung y pro yung qwerty. 😛

          • eric

            good day and thanks again for the reply. so the GALAXY Y DUOS is touchscreen? is it available in the market now? how much does it cost? is this a better choice than BLAZE DUO 0918-n considering the specs and price?

            i still have not heard from ALCATEL regarding the availability of stocks for their BLAZE DUO 0918-N. it’s so frustrating.

          • nawala yung galaxy y duos sa cmkcellphones. 😛 mas maganda specs ng blaze glory kesa galay y duos.

  • Randy

    I am looking for a dual sim android budget friendly yet sturdy phone. My choices are: Cherry Mobile Stellar, Lenovo A60, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, and Alcatel OT 918N. What offers the best product and brand value?

    • brand value it’s definitely samsung but for specs it’s a toss up between the stellar and this blaze glory.

  • lemuel

    how can i use my browser with my using WIFI??i cnt access my web even my GPRS is already on.help me pls

  • Burt

    Hi to all,

    tanung ko po if may ibang kulay pa ba itong phone na ito?

  • d_menace_7

    just bought one at mega….
    cool and fast unit…
    duo feature is very awesome!
    units are available sa mega –
    – wellcome 2 units left (as of jan 31, 2012)
    – alcatel stall 2 units left (as of jan 31, 2012)
    – sm nova…2nd flr.. Mobile store (forgot the name of the stall)…

  • boom87

    why can’t I make the contact photos show up on my messages? and does the blue light only show up when you are charging the phone? how bout when you received a text message?

  • quin27

    would you know if this phone can run skype? and flash video?

  • pano po ba maacess ang android ng alcatel dual sim? pwede ba ako makahingi ng step by step

    • what do you mean? on mo phone mo then android ka na.

  • gab

    hi! ask ko lang po if kailangan pa po bang mag switch between the two sim cards? or active na sila pareho so maririceive lahat ng msgs sa both sim without the hassle of switching it pa? thanks!

    • gab

      and kung pwede po ba dito ang group messaging, youtube and skype?

      and aware po ba ung user kung anong sim po ung gamit whenever mag ssend ng text msg and also po in making calls? pls help. thanks!

    • yup active pareho

      • Theo

        Panu po yung pagpplay ng youtube …kaya nya po ba mag play ng youtube thru wifi???

  • Niki

    pwede po bang maayos/move ung mga icons sa menu? para po sana nasa unahan ung mga gusto mo?

  • manny

    just got my 918N 2 days ago and i love it. Im an android tablet fan for more that 2 years now. this is even better than my 1st android tablet Archos 10.1 gen 8 as far as the performance is concerned. my only complaint is that i cant find a way to attach a contact photo and ringing tone to a particular phone number. can somebody show me how? and the battery wont last a day on heavy use (anyway, my acer tab 500 usually last only for 7 hours). all in all this is a very good entry level dual sim android phone. buti na lang namahalan ako sa galaxy y duos at 8K sa Cebu at di ko binili. 8/10 for 918N

  • tellme

    I have OT710-D and the texting is TERRIBLE. it is VERY slow. has this OT-918N Glory improved on the speed of texting, or talagang bagal talaga pag alcatel? And pag text ba, virtual qwerty lang ang option, walang multitap virtual keypad?

    • manny

      so far, im using my OT 918 for almost 4 days now, wala namang problem sa texting speed. my only issue about texting is that the QWERTY format is too small for my fingers. so i use the other format which is the alphanumeric keypad or what you call multitap. what is good about this phone is that the texts that i received are grouped into threads. so hindi labo-labo ang mga texts ko sa inbox.

      this is my 3rd alcatel phone since 2001. never had texting speed issue. baka defective lang ang software ng phone na nabili mo. why not try to upgrade its firmware.

      • Saree

        About the firmware update. So possible palang maupdate yung firmware ng alcatel?
        Yung sa android Gingerbread niya, mauupdate rin ba kapag may bagong release na mas bago?

        • i dont think capable ito sa Ice Cream Sandwich (next version after Gingerbread) but it depends if Alcatel will provide an update. Pero Gingerbread should do well naman for its type.

          • Saree

            Thanks for the reply!! So mag expect na lang ako na hanggang Gingerbread lang talaga yung phone na ito. Thanks!

            I’m choosing between Samsung Galaxy Y and Alcatel Glory 918N. Worried lang ako sa accessories nung Alcatel, baka kasi mahal and mahirapan akong bumili.

    • manny

      Yes,halos lahat ng electronic gadgets ngayon may may firmware update. Even the lenses ng dlsr cameras may firmware update. But changing from android gingerbread to icecream, malabo yun. To start with, ang baba ng cpu nito 650 mhz and its ram is just 250. Hindi siguro gagawin ng alcatel yun. Puro update lang ng gingerbread to make the device more stable.

      Regarding galaxy y specs, halos pareho lang din ng 918n. So i dont think that android 4 will be available on this device too. Hanggang gingerbread lang din siguro ito. In one review I read in the internet, galaxy y was compared to a918n, and the conclusion of the reviewer was in favor of a918n .
      The only advantage that i see with the galaxy is when it comes to the accessories. Very unpopular ng alcatel. Sinong 3rd party ang mag proproduce ng accessories for alcatel kung alam nila na napaka liit ng market.

      Alcatel 950 is coming

    • manny

      Yes,halos lahat ng electronic gadgets ngayon may may firmware update. Even the lenses ng dlsr cameras may firmware update. But changing from android gingerbread to icecream, malabo yun. To start with, ang baba ng cpu nito 650 mhz and its ram is just 250. Hindi siguro gagawin ng alcatel yun. Puro update lang ng gingerbread to make the device more stable.

      Regarding galaxy y specs, halos pareho lang din ng 918n. So i dont think that android 4 will be available on this device too. Hanggang gingerbread lang din siguro ito. In one review I read in the internet, galaxy y was compared to a918n, and the conclusion of the reviewer was in favor of a918n .
      The only advantage that i see with the galaxy is when it comes to the accessories. Very unpopular ng alcatel. Sinong 3rd party ang mag proproduce ng accessories for alcatel kung alam nila na napaka liit ng market.

      For those considering to buy a budget android phone na medyo high end ang specs , Alcatel 950 is coming. Icecream ang os nito. And since alcatel ang brand tingin ko mas mura ito compared to samsung or lg with the same specs

      • Saree

        I’ve decided na Samsung Galaxy Y na lang ako kasi may issue sa accessories. Gusto ko sana yung specs ng Alcatel kaso natakot akong mahirapan bumili ng accessories.

  • I am planning to buy this phone this weekend or Monday (arriving on Manila Sunday 08April). Pls. advise wehere can I find this.


    • alcatel_neophyte

      try sm department stores and sm appliance stores.

  • Blaze

    480p ang video? sigurado ba yun sir? tapos 30fps pa?

  • hongdae

    ahhh nagana po ba ung kakaotalk app sa Alcatel Blaze Glory 918n??

  • Is the camera’s focus fixed?

  • Saree

    I’m planning to choose this phone as my unit in exchange of a Sun Cellular postpaid plan. Question: possible bang i-update yung android OS netong phone if ever magkaroon ng bagong OS?

    Games like Fruit Ninja, okay naman at hindi laggy?

    Any info kung magkano ang earphones at battery netong cellphone?

    • tepei_takamiya13

      fruit ninja works fine… pati ung ibang free games

      still looking for availability and prices ng accessories and extra battery if ever available…

  • jonas


    please take note that if you are using push mail, you will find it annoying that you cannot immediately send sms through sim 2 if your sim 1 data is active. I’ve had the alcatel 890D and my friend just had the 918N which has the same problem with sms if data is active.

    this has been fixed in other dual sim phones that includes lenovo a60.

  • hi pinoytechblog! stable ba yung wi-fi hotspot feature nito? plan ko kasi gamitin ito bilang portable wifi hotspot pag gamit ko ang netbook at tablet. thanks! 🙂

    • manny

      I tried it using this phone pero hindi nag work. Hindi ko alam kung may dapat i adjust sa set up. Pag i turn on ko ang hotspot function nya, nadedetect sya ng ibang gadgets ko. Nakalagay pa nga na connected. Pero hindi nag ba browse. Sad

      • baka hindi lang naka-ON yung “data traffic” sa setting or data traffic widget, after ma-ON yung wifi hotspot? ‘di ba android din naman ‘to?

  • Niño

    Sir, ask ko lng, pano mag attached ng photo sa contacts, tapos ung field lng n lumabas is the name and number, wla bang ibang fields?thank you..

  • pjr

    gumagana ba ang instagram app sa phone na to? ty!

    • tepei_takamiya13

      gumagana po ung instagram

  • ron

    check the specs of MOTOROLA FIRE… it has 5MP cam with flash and front camera just add 1K for that phone

  • Lanytry

    I just want to ask if Instagram is available/compatible with this phone? Thank you so much!
    MORE POWER! I love your reviews:)

  • mgsc

    How can i update the phone so that i can forward and send text messages in group?

  • aimee

    hi. dual camera ba ito? 🙂

  • aimee

    hi. dual camera ba ito?? 🙂

  • LOU

    I have a PROBLEM. My music player does not work, it just flashes a windrow that says “The application Music(processcom.android.music) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Can someone please help me.. Thank you so much.

  • Vincent

    SIR, im a bit confused of the specs. is it WIFI?

  • rosalie

    hello ask ko lang po kung panu iupdate ung time for sms threading ng alcatel di kasi sunod sunod threading ng sms pag nakakareceive ako ng messages.

    • tellco issue yan. iba oras ng smart and ng globe. 🙁

      • Mapa

        same issue here. parehas naman kami nakasun.

  • puede sya sa instagram?

  • Umi

    panu po magforward ng message using this phone?

  • hello po,

    need help. nahihirapan ko po yung configure yung internet connection ng alcatel 918n ko.

    nagsearch na po ako, followed the instructions pero wala pa rin.

    hope you can help!

  • MUCHi

    magkno nmn yan ?

  • Hello. Pwede ko po bang malaman kung ang 3G nito ay gagana sa SMART, GLOBE AT SUN. Meron po ba silang configuration para sa OT-918N? Salamat po!

  • Lot

    panu mag connect nang compatibility sa pc ?

  • elie

    i got 2114 on AnTuTu Benchmark and 1750 on Quadrant.. running YONIP_OT-918N_ROM_v.1.2

    MT6573 ARMv6
    PowerVR SGX 531 / Chainfire3D
    OpenGL ES 2.0
    1552.2MB Memory using Data2Ext
    8MP Camera 3264×2448

  • Itiin

    How to turn off Camera Shutter on Alcatel One Touch 918N?

  • jun

    as per specs, can use upto 32 gig
    bought one that can not be read.. please.. where can i get one that can be thank you

  • orivae

    pwede po kakaotalk ? thanks po !

  • Ronnie

    I got an Alcatel Glory X918N from Sun. Dual Sim. However, I find it peculiar that when i enter mobile numbers, it separates the digits into 3x3x5. So, when i type in “0917-019-9101” the screen comes out as “091-701-99101” which i find very very confusing. Worst, even when i try to save numbers into my directory, the presentation of the digits appears that way. And when the number is saved in phone memory (as opposed to sim memory), it will not be recognized in Caller ID. I dont know why. it is so weird. Is there an application to revert the presentation of the digits either in the correct way which is just one continuous line and no breaking?

  • Jeff

    I Have these Kind of Phone\, and it works best for me, lahat ng nakatala riTo ay totoO.
    4 na beses na nGa naHuLog , ang tiBay


    panu ma change yung time display ng phone??kasi naka analog lang ang skin gusto ko sana yung malaki na parang nag flip pag nag iiba ng time. . thanks!!

    • download ka ng beautiful widget sa google play.

  • Edmond

    Sir Calvin which do you think is better, alcatel glory 918 or lenovo A60+? I’m planning to buy an entry level smartphone and looking for the following specs:

    1) dual sim with great network connection on both networks
    2) fast performance (not that laggy)
    3) longer battery life
    4) good internet connection thru both wifi and gprs
    5) good screen resolution
    6) can serve as pocket wifi

    So far those two units caught my attention, please help me to decide. Thanks… (“,)

  • blykieee

    promoting all ALCATEL 918N/m/d and 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 USERS

    VISIT THIS PAGE IN FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/237333346380882/permalink/340500079397541/


    THANKS! :thumbsup:

  • melcho

    i hav ds alatel one touch 918n glory x. how come i cannot connect to facebook. what should i do?

  • esther santos

    how can i make the font big?…im having hard times with my font….please help me

  • Phanz

    pano matanggal ang tunog ng cam kung mgpicture tau?

    thank you

  • ana

    ,anu ung ggwin kpag ngphone memory low??..khit ung dnownload ko nman nsa memory card??..phelp nman poh..salamat..

  • When you upload a pic on instagram? Is it low quality picture? Thanks