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Alcatel Glam 810D, literally a compact phone

It’s no secret that some mobile phones should be fashionably stylish and chic to appeal to the female market. Alcatel, however, decided to take it to a new level by introducing the Alcatel Glam 810D, a clamshell phone that looks like a beauty compact.

Alcatel Glam 810D

Outside you’ll see its shiny pink lid (also comes in silver and red) on a slightly chunky body. The lid will also display time or notifications at the press of a button. It also houses the 2 megapixel camera on one corner.

Alcatel Glam 810D Alcatel Glam 810D

Inside is a 2.4-inch display with a 320 x 240 resolution on one half and a QWERTY keyboard on the other half. To maximize the square space, the layout on the QWERTY keyboard is a bit different than normal QWERTY phones so it will take some time getting used to.

Alcatel Glam 810D Alcatel Glam 810D

Don’t expect Android here. This is not a full-blown smartphone although it has a built-in Opera web browser, MSN messenger, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter Java apps. You’ll also get an FM Radio, music player and Bluetooth out of this Alcatel Glam phone.

You really won’t buy this phone for its specs but more for its unique looks if you want to be different. It will definitely attract attention when you whip this out from your purse. The Alcatel Glam 810D retails for Php3,999 and should be available in Alcatel stores nationwide.

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  • Griswold

    cute phone for the ladies pero those who are only after looks will buy it. it’s still a toyish looking phone.

  • kris

    similar to lg ice cream

    • reine

      Not really it’s much more fashionable and so much easier to use.

      • why or how can you say po na, its not easier to use? please explain it to me.

  • StratoSpHere

    Honestly, girls will look more stylish and girly if they’re holding a real smartphone, compared to this one. On a personal note, I find it cute. That’s all LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • looks like a compact pressed powder! hahaha! so cute.

  • I like it! Saw it on Laureen Uy’s blog. Not bad. Apple products are great but its nice to have something different. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ana

    how do i get online in facebook using this kind of phone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • there’s a facebook java app included

  • i want to buy this!
    basta makakapagtwitter and facebook ha,love it! kaso i love picture its only 2megapixel ;(

    • reine

      it takes clearer picture compare to nokia and samsung phones that also has 2mp… I don’t know how but it does…

      • I have na these nung feb 4 pa, ilove it^^

        • its nice po ba? paki explain naman po sakin yung maganda and panget sa kanya so i can know much about it.

  • san ba makabili ng jelly case nito??

    • wala rin sa service center nila,haisttt!

  • mae

    maganda ba tlga to? i’m planning to buy kc eh.. kso nag-dadalwang isip pako. kc sabi nila bka daw madaling masira dahil sa clamshell ba yun na bukas-sara :)) pero gustong-gusto ko n tlaga to. help me guys.. thanks!

    • Monique

      I’ve had a clamshell phone before. It lasted for years!–until I needed money and had to sell the thing. Dropped it so many times but never a scratch on the screens(it had a small external screen). I dunno if it was just the brand making it a sturdy, but if it helps, the phone was a Sony Ericsson W300i. After some time, like 2 years or so,the flip kind of loosened up but it was never a problem. It was in no way near snapping off. Just don’t don’t drop it while it’s open. Just like a turtle while its limbs are poking out and it falls, it’s gonna be a bad fall. Well, good luck!

      • ahh, narinig ko rin po yan sa iba, mura lang naman, kahit masira pwede ka pang makabili ng ibang mas matibaya
        And it depends naman po yun sa pag aalaga diba? Repz po. @Monique/Ate Monique

  • mae

    how about the speaker? maganda ba ung tunog hnd ba bsag kht nka earphone or nka loudspeaker? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hime

    Hi, can I ask something about this precious phone. Can I install application like other OM(opera mini) or Games that are free around the net? thank you.

  • Monique

    Cherry mobile’s X9 is similar to this phone. Alcatel’s price now is 3,599 while Cherry’s is 3,999. I like CM’s better though.

  • Joy

    For a dual sim phone, this phone is amazing..just bought it today and i’m enjoying its cuteness (setting aside my blackberry and nokia for a while lolz)

    • Fay

      hey joy, can you please tell me if its great? i’m still having some second thoughts on buying this phone eh.. di ba sya madali masira?? hehe just asking..

  • 14 years old lang ako .. nagiipon na ko para dito. Maganda ba yung loob nito ? i mean yung software ? kas ibaka mukhang china lang yung loob .. sa labas lang pala maganda .., you know ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • jackie

      If you’re really interested in buying this phone, visit their kiosk. They’ll let you try it whether or not you’ll buy it. May sample talaga sila. That’s actually one of the reasons why I got one. Ayoko rin kasi ng pangit yung software kc I’ve been using a high end Nokia phone.

      Sana nakabili ka na by now. To those na hindi pa but are having second thoughts about buying it, try nyo munang gamitin sa kiosk nila than be sorry.

      • Na try ko na po siya Jackie, indi po ba siyang mabagal bago magtype? Repz po.

  • jackie

    Hi! I’ve been using this phone for couple of months. From P3,999 it’s now down to P3,599. I fell in love with this phone the moment I saw it. I was eyeing for a BB but wasn’t able to resist her charm.

    This isn’t the phone for you if you’re the techie type since you can’t do so much on this one. No pre-installed games. Single folder for music unlike with Nokia wherein you could really organize songs you like. Has only 3 themes – Purple, Pink and Black. No avail themes to download. No flash so when you taje pics at night, you won’t get decent photos. Battery life depends if you’re a heavy surfer. Since it’s dual sim, I have TNT and Globe in it. The net speed is ok since I’m an FB and Twitter lady. So far. it’s ok. Dropped this phone a couple of times na rin though di naman sa matataas na lugar but it’s still working properly.

    Alcatel’s right – it’s a girly thing. I have received many praises about her since it para nga lang daw syang pressed powder. Mine is a Victorian Blush. It’s cute not to mention that Alcatel is a known brand bec of it’s sturdiness. So instead of you buying imitations or China phones, go for Alcatel instead.

    • ghia

      did you use gprs to use fb and twitter? I wanted to use it by gprs. I can’t access to the net right now. ๐Ÿ™ hope you can help me. Thank you!

      • Jann

        i have this phone in Victorian Pink and it’s cute has 3-5 day baytery life.. and fb really load quite fast for this little thing! super cute.. really worth the price..

    • pincess

      is this phone has a wifi stuff?

  • Juliana

    Just bought this phone. I couldn’t resist it’s cuteness. I already have a Samsung Galaxy S2, because I really need a smartphone. So, for those who just want a regular phone, go for it, buy the Alcatel ot 810.

  • ongk shuan

    where i can buy 810d jelly case?

  • Hazel

    I have this phone! My friends are obsessed with the LED thing…

  • pincess

    doe sthis phone has a wifi stuff?

  • Paula Y

    May wifi ba ito?

  • Paula Y

    May wifi ba ito?

  • @mpi

    I just bought this because I have been eying for back up phone and dual sim card unit…I own Iphone and Samsung Tab which I enjoy using however due to excessive use, I normally run out of battery and need back up phone and would like one with dual phone. I saw LG and HTC which are like 8T which I was about to buy but when I saw this on a small shelf, I take a look and WOW I was impressed, due to the fact that it also has bluetooth where I can use my handsfree thingy. I can also take pictures and video, listen to radio! what a consolation for just P3400, yes I have discount! Im excited to use it now. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Grabe! wala namang reply!Bata! bibili nalang nga ako! :@

  • Nakakasagap ba ng wifiyan? parang hindi naman! :D:(

    • KM ^_^

      wala pong wifi yan

  • this may not be the latest gadget the everyone else is dying to have but it is one of the cutest that you’d love to own because it’s battery life wonderful and the signal strength is great. if your looking for a basic phone at the same time cutie and different compared to nokia phone which are boring already… then this phone is better.

  • jeaina

    paano gagamitin ang facebook kung di nakakaconnect sa wifi?

  • shie

    may available pa ba nito sa market ngayon???/ i want one kasi ehhh…

  • lekha

    I want buy this phone plz help me.

  • Tina

    is this phone still available at your store?? how much is it now??

  • yoona

    Where I can buy this .. san po ba merun pa nito please ..

  • Christy Kreme

    Do you know where they sell these?