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Alcatel-Lucent brings innovative services to local telcos

According to a recent report by Pyramid Research, mobile penetration in the Philippines is estimated to reach 86% by end of 2010. They expect mobile subscriptions to reach 116 million or 106% penetration by 2015. However, Service Providers are being squeezed out of the content value-chain by the more aggressive and innovative application and content providers such as Google and iTunes that their networks have become dummy pipes to transport the bits of traffic.


Enter Alcatel-Lucent who believes broadband is the key driver of the sustainable growth of the telecom market, and their strategies will power the broadband growth in the Philippines.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Application Enablement (AE) strategy is a new way to combine the network capabilities with the speed and innovations of the Web to increase revenues and get a higher return on the network, applications and service investments. With AE, Alcatel-Lucent can help service providers to create values by exposing their network capabilities in a managed and controlled way, facilitating new business models and improving applications and service delivery.

The foundation to support Application Enablement is a High Leverage Network architecture around four key technologies “” wireline broadband access, wireless broadband access, IP and optics, as well as the appropriate software and services. This innovative approach enables new business models to address market challenges and opportunities and provides sustained competitive differentiation. The shift from keeping value in the network to extracting value from the network allows service providers to grow revenues and accelerate ROI from their networks.

Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy in Application Enablement can already be seen in a number of successful customer engagements, including AT&T, Bharti Airtel, Orange Uganda, Sky Telecom, Sprint, Telefonica Moviles, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Verizon.

Philippines service providers can look to Alcatel-Lucent for innovative ideas and transformation. Alcatel-Lucent believed strongly in helping service provider transforms their networks, brings application innovation beyond text messaging, and taking benefits from the content value-chain.

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