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Alcatel-Lucent leads market to the 100G Era

Wow? 100Gbps here in the Philippines? I wonder when that would be commercially available here.

Alcatel-Lucent has introduced the first commercially available solution to carry a single carrier 100 gigabit per second (100G) on a wavelength through the innovative use of emerging “œNext Generation Coherent” technology.

Designed to address booming bandwidth demands driven by video streaming, web applications, file sharing and high definition movies, next-generation coherent technology allows one optical fiber, the width of a human hair, to transport 8.8 Terabits per second (Tbit/s), giving unprecedented resilience to optical transmission impairments across the network. This enables 100G rates on each wavelength, supporting for example the transfer of over 100,000 MP3 files in 60 seconds or over 15,000 HDTV channels concurrently streamed live.

“œIn keeping with our continuous innovation in optical networking, Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G technology delivers the lowest cost-per-bit solution with continuous bandwidth scaling, automation and reporting,” said Jonathan Goh, the president of Alcatel-Lucent in the Philippines.

This 100G next-generation coherent offering, which leverages innovations from the Bell Labs, is a key element of Alcatel-Lucent’s High Leverage Network (HLN) architecture to help service providers offer a differentiated service experience to end-users, while minimizing their total cost of ownership.

Alcatel-Lucent’s single carrier “˜Next-Generation Coherent’ technology combines Alcatel-Lucent’s in-house developed 100G optical transport and 100G Ethernet technologies, offering significantly higher integration and longer transmission reach with significantly lower network complexity, operational costs and power consumption.

Breakthrough innovations such as coherent detection, signal advanced processing and optimized modulation formats enables unmatched end-to-end scalability, performance, transport at a lowest-cost-per-bit and compatibility across core and metro networks. Next-generation coherent technology also delivers unprecedented compatibility between 100G and lower speed transport infrastructures (such as 10G and 40G).

In the Philippines, Alcatel-Lucent is currently reaching out to local operators to explore 100G opportunities. “œIn the traffic projection and forecast over next five years, we are seeing that operator will need to increase their bandwidth to cope with the introduction of LTE and coupled with the expected 10 times increase growth in Smartphones, Tablet PC and user-generated content,” shared Raymond Tan, Customer Solutions and Sales Support Director of Alcatel-Lucent Philippines.

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