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All-Filipino Zeenoh Games released first game for the iPhone

Local game development company, Zeenoh Games, has recently released their first game for the iOS platform called Numvaders ($1.99). If you find your kid playing too much of Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies on your iPhone, give him something educational and at the same time entertaining to play with.

Numvaders is like a mash-up of Space Invaders and uhh”¬¶ Math flash cards? You control a spaceship that needs to defeat enemies by answering basic arithmetic questions to clear the stage. Main objective here is to solve math questions quickly as you’ll get less time to answer as the game progress. Don’t worry, your kid won’t be facing at derivatives and calculus questions, just your usual subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.


There are 10 worlds that must be unlocked to finish the game. In every world, players will encounter different Alien Generals called the Numviens at the end of each stage, whom they must defeat to level up. Boss challenges get more difficult as per each level, as questions must be answered immediately before the Numvien attacks. Life bonuses, power-ups and shields are available to aid players in becoming a Math General.

The game is not as visually stunning as your popular iPhone games but they’re colorful enough for your kids to appreciate. The important thing is your kid gets to brush up his math skills while playing.

Jhondie Abenaza, CEO of Zeenoh says that "Numvaders aims to serve as a tool to change the common mindset of Filipinos towards gaming. It means to show that games aren’t for entertainment or gambling only. Gaming can also educate a person, and in this case, improve one’s mathematical abilities. In lieu with that advocacy, Numvaders will support the EMC Major in Game Development course filed by GDAP in CHED."

Game Features

  • 10 Challenging Worlds
  • 10 Space Craft (Z-Craft)
  • Learn math while you play with it
  • Basic Math Operations (MDAS)
  • Basic MDAS training mastery
  • Recommended for all ages
  • GAME CENTER (Leaderboards & Achievements)
  • Open Feint (Leaderboards & Achievements)


  • iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 and iPad
  • iOS 3.2 and above

About Zeenoh

Zeenoh is a pure-Filipino game development company trying to penetrate the gaming industry. They wish to prove that Filipinos have the talent to compete with other gaming companies at par, and create games not only on a local setting, but internationally as well. For more information, visit WWW.ZEENOH.COM

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  • joe

    Too bad it’s expensive. A huge number of good games are available for free. For myself, the most I’m willing to pay for a game is $0.99 – and those are for very good ones. Only exception is Plants vs Zombies. The very least they could have done is follow the freemium business model.

    • i hope they hear you man. yes i think it’s expensive for a first game from a new company. i hope they would make it free kahit for a limited time man lang.

  • I hope it looks good!

    Yes, the point is learning math but seriously, kids nowadays have a lot of choices when it comes to games, even educational ones at that. Will it really take that much longer to make a prettier interface for the game? I’m sure there are alot of talented, hirable Filipinos out there who can work for ZEENOH to make better-looking games.

  • Great job JD and guys at zeenoh games. Just so you would know I’m marketing ur game here with my friends in the UK. Looking forward to ur next project ur hardwork has truly paid of.

  • This is now available for free..