AMD intros new Kaveri mobile APUs in PH

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) launched in the Philippines on Tuesday its new 2014 A-Series mobile APU family codenamed “Kaveri” built to improve and transform the computing experience of consumer notebook users via a single processor solution.

Sonny Sy, AMD Philippines National Sales Manager for Components, hailed the Kaveri as a breakthrough since it combines for the fist time both cores of the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) together in a silicon packaging in one single chip.


Ryan Sim, General Manager for AMD Far East Ltd, ASEAN

Called Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), the feature allows the CPU and GPU to work together in harmony by quickly dividing and directing the right tasks toward the appropriate cores for new levels of performance and efficiency in consumer and commercial desktop and notebook PCs, thus enabling a new era of compute capabilities with compute cores.

“In addition to that, since there’s integrated Radeon graphic using our latest second generation GCN architecture, it also has support for Mantle which enables a game developer to directly access the Radeon graphics chip. And with that they can get the maximum use out of the Radeon graphics chips since there’s no need to pass by the CPU or OS,” Sy said.

He said another processor in the APU is AMD’s audio technology that lessens the load of the CPU cores and supports up to 32 distinct audio channels.

“Mantle has a number of game titles and by December we will have 20 more game titles supported with Mantle,” Sy said.

Popular notebook brands Acer and Lenovo both feature the 2014 AMD A-Series APUs and added that other computer brands are scheduled to follow suit.

Acer’s E15, currently priced at Php¬†29,000, is by powered by AMD A8-7100 APU with Radeon R5 Graphics and features 8 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 4GPU).

Meanwhile, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-75 is equipped with AMD A10-7300 APU with Radeon R6 Graphics and features 10 Compute Cores (4CPU + 6GPU). The device is available at Php 33,995.

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