AMD Radeon Pro Duo liquid-cooled graphics card for VR launched
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AMD Outs Radeon Pro Duo, liquid-cooled graphics card for VR content creators

With the upsurge in interest for VR technology from tech companies and consumers alike, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) wants to be at the forefront of the VR content creation with its new graphics card, the AMD Radeon Pro Duo.

As some of you may know, the process that goes in to creating videos requires mastery of the video editing software by the user and a respectable processing power from machine that they use to create the content. The same rule applies for creating Virtual Reality (VR) contents, albeit it requires more horsepower from the GPU.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo

AMD is looking to address the performance bottleneck with the Radeon Pro Duo. The new top-of-the-line graphics card is equipped with two Fiji-based processors with 4GB of VRAM each that is capable of 16 TFLOPS of compute performance or almost twice the power of the Titan X.

Instead of conventional fans, AMD went for a closed-loop water cooling solution for the Radeon Pro Duo which cools not only the two GPUs, but also the VRMs.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo

In addition to its impressive hardware setup, the Radeon Pro Duo comes with LiquidVR SDK which AMD claims to be the “world’s fastest platform to enable a world class graphics and VR experience”. The card also utilizes technologies from Radeon and FirePro product lines, making it suitable for both gaming and other fields such as education, journalism, and medicine.

The new AMD Radeon Pro Duo is now available globally and is expected to hit the shelves with a premium $1,499 sticker price.

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