…and the iPod Nano

Yes, you might need to squint just a little more to see this little bugger. Compared to its iPod Mini predecessor, the iPod Nano is so small and so thin, I bet some plastic surgeon can surgically implant one of these up someone’s arse. More from Engadget:

The 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27-inch device will feature 500 song/2GB and 1,000 song/4GB capacities, a 1.5-inch color display, and, of course, a click wheel, which appears to have a drastically larger center button. If you’re willing to ignore the fact that the headphone jack is located on the bottom of the device (sigh), you’ll be otherwise rewarded with a device that’s no more than 62% the size of the once diminutive iPod mini; it weighs 1.5 ounces (42 grams), has a maximum of 14 hours battery life, will come in black (as well as iPod white), and includes a few new niceties such as a nighttime inverse screen mode.

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  • I wish I could afford it but no. *wails* Ah well… Libra naman ang mangarap… It’s Php 12-15k, depending on how much storage space you want. I already was informed how much it is.

  • Rhea

    It’s so thin. I’d hate it if I accidentally break it in half. The iPods are like cellphones, they keep upgrading to better designs. Just makes me more confused what to buy *sigh*

  • YAGNI – You Ain’t Gonna Need It. But then again, I’m a gadget luddite.

  • yeah migs,
    my brother told me that he does not need an ipod
    in the office he can play iTunes where the music files are shared via LAN connection and he has an audio system setup for his car

  • Wikipedia reference: luddite 😉

  • ok tong nano… nano, nano, nano, nano… diba, may kanta yun dati?

  • superboy

    how much to?
    4gb nd 2gb

  • The 2GB is about Php13 SRP and the 4GB is 15k.