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Angry Birds Star Wars now available on your favorite device, well mostly

Fans of Angry Birds and/or Star Wars, here’s what you’ve been waiting for as Rovio just launched their Angry Birds Star Wars game to a lot of devices and platform.


The game can be found in Google Play, App Store for both iOS and Mac, Windows Store for both mobile and Windows 8 devices, Amazon, Angry Birds Online Shop for the PC, and even on Intel AppUp. The whole shebang… well except in BlackBerry App World and Nokia Store.

The best deal would be for Android users who can download the game for free while it’s $0.99 in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPod Touch, $2.99 for the iPad, $2.99 at the Kindle Fire store. PC users who wants to play the desktop version have to shell out $4.95 to purchase the game from the Angry Birds Online Shop.


Angry Birds Star Wars game brings you 80 levels in iconic locations like Tatooine and the Pig Star plus hidden bonus levels featuring R2D2 and C3PO. There’s also a new mechanic where you can level up your birds to improve their skills! For example, your typical, boring red bird (Luke) will get the light saber once it meets the black bird (Jedi) who can use the Force instead of explode. Pigs can now fight back as well with those dressed up as stormtroopers can shoot with their laser guns.

I’m still at the early levels of the game but can’t wait to meet the other characters like Chewie and Princess Leia.

Go check the game out at http://angrybirds.tumblr.com/.

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  • wow… finally the star wars angry birds have arrived. I’ve been waiting for this. 😀 thanks pinoytechblog for the update