Anonymous Mobile Browsing

I enjoy surfing the Web on my Nokia 9500 when I’m mobile. I get to check my email, and more importantly, my AdSense and Adwords reports on the go. In my day to day mobile surfing, two challenges regularly come to mind:

  • Web developers don’t create websites with the mobile surfer in mind. Some sites degrade nicely, majority don’t. The few that do display correctly can eat a lot of bandwidth and at 25 centavos per KB, you definitely need to watch what you browse. You need to be browsing light.
  • Telcos might start blocking URLs. Normally, this would just be a problem for your resident mobile porn meister, but it may become a general problem, say when Smart starts blocking from our mobile browsers.

Fortunately for us, there are mobile proxies like Phonifier that you can use. Phonifier is a free mobile proxy service that accesses the destination URL for you then spits a mobile-friendly (read: text) version back to your browser. If Phonifier gets blocked, you can also use IYHY or Skweezer. Take all three out for a spin and let us know what you think.

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