AOC 36ID series are Earth-friendly monitors

AOC introduced today their 36ID series “œGreen” LCD monitors which they claim will not only save you a lot money from your energy bills but will also help out the environment.


The AOC 36ID series monitor won an EPEAT Gold Award which means it passed the highest standard when evaluating environmental attributes of an electronic product. In short, “œuse this product and you will be doing our environment a favor”.

So what else is good about the 36ID series?

Their iBright Technology reduces the need for the CCFL backlight to consume a lot of power just to output adequate display. For comparison, a 20″ AOC 36ID series monitor consumes 25W, a standard 20″ LCD consumes 49W while a CRT monitor consumes 75W of power. That’s a lot of savings.

They also have an Ultra-High Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) of 60,000:1 when other monitors in the same category only have 10,000 or 20,000:1 DCR. The higher the better and this is important when purchasing LCD monitors.


Instead of buttons, they have a sleek touch panel on the side to control monitor settings. They also have some presets included in the menu for those who don’t really know how to tweak their monitors.


At the back you can see a USB 2.0 port which is pretty useful if you find yourself crouching a lot just or reaching behind your PC just to plug in your external disk. You can’t use the monitor independently to view your movies or photos from your USB disk.


For the 22″ (2236VW) and 24″ (2436VWG) monitors, it can accept DVI-D input for Full HD viewing. Sorry no HDMI port.

AOC is known for its value for your money and the 36ID series continues that tradition.

  • 20″ widescreen (936SW) ““ Php7,399
  • 22″ widescreen (2236VW) ““ Php8,999
  • 24″ widescreen (2436VWG) ““ Php10,399


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  • This is interesting.. I check villman and yet its not available.. do you know any store that offer this 🙂

  • unfortunately villman doesn’t carry AOC. Try octagon, Compex, PC Corner, PC Express. Next week daw start of deliveries.

  • wow…. nice monitor…… yum yum yum 😀

  • First of all It is looks so stylish. I like it so much. Photos are too good. My one of friend want to purchase this one. I will forward this article to him. I am sure this will be very helpful to him.