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Apple accounts to 53% of e-mobile device market share in Southeast Asia

If you’re talking about smartphones, tablets and portable media players, Apple reigns supreme in Southeast Asia in terms of market share.

According to a report by Effective Measures, Apple’s market share for mobile devices is at 53.1% for the Southeast Asia e-mobile population during the month ending October 2011. The report shows that 11.8 million internet users in Southeast Asia use Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and this accounts to the greatest market share in Thailand and Singapore with the iPad contributing to 32% of that share.


In Singapore, the iPhone has the highest usage among the Apple devices but in other SEA countries, the iPad is the top Apple device. In the Philippines, 69.2% uses Apple mobile devices and 43.7% of that goes to the iPad.

Apple SEA Market Share – Month Ending October 2011
Source: Effective Measure
SEA CountriesApple Share (%) of e-Mobile Users per CountryTop Apple Device and (%) Share of e-Mobile Population per Country
Thailand79.6%iPad ““ 47.9%
Singapore75.8%iPhone ““ 37.5%
Philippines69.2%iPad ““ 43.7%
Malaysia57.1%iPad ““ 34.6%
Vietnam33.7%iPad ““ 17.1%
Indonesia10.06%iPad ““ 10.0%

Also in the report is the ranking of top manufacturers of mobile devices where Apples goes 1 and 2 for the iPhone and iPad respectively. A distant third goes to RIM’s BlackBerry devices followed again by Apple for its iPod Touch.

Top Manufacturers of Mobile Devices in SEA – Month Ending October 2011
Source: Effective Measure
RankManufacturerType of Mobile DeviceDevice Share (%) of e-Mobile Users
1.      Apple iPad32.0%
2.      Apple iPhone19.1%
3.      RIMBlackBerry6.9%
4.      AppleiPod Touch1.9%
5.      NokiaSmartphone2.8%
6.      Samsung Galaxy Tablet1.4%
7.      Samsung Galaxy Smartphone1.2%

Note: Information generated for this document is based on Effective Measure’s mobile data on SEA’s online population in the month ending October 2011. The SEA countries measured: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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  • Griswold

    wooo… go Apple. iPad pa rin ang the best when it comes to tablets despite its limitations.

  • Les

    This is funny, ang yaman na pala ng mga pinoys ngayon.

  • Paz

    walang wala ang mga pinoys ah hahahaha

  • Samsung pa rin

    Well, just shows how big is the market here. Kahit walang pang tuition basta naka ipad nyahahaha

  • Bong Bugayong

    well, i dunno bakit madaming respondents may iphone or ipad, siguro mayaman nga ang pinoy.

    basta naka-iphone kahit walang pang-load pwede na!

    how come di pa ako natanong sa ganitong survey, baka naman sa ayala alabang ginawa ito?

  • It’s noteworthy to point out that these are numbers based on online mobile devices so it’s no surprise that Apple’s iOS devices come out on top. The numbers based on sales or actual market penetration would be very different.

  • perci

    @jmango, correct. Samsung sold 300 million phones in 2011 and it is now the no.1 smartphone in the US. I love Apple but iPhone has too small screen and most iDevices are too limited for my enjoyment.

  • Guys, it’s important to point out here that it doesnt mean that 43% of Filipino population owns an iPad. It just means that 43% of Filipinos who own a portable internet device owns an iPad.

    • Nigel

      So, 57% is from Android then? =P j/k

  • Actually, these stats are much more significant to content creators, and web designers / developers. The stats simply mean that you must take into account the fact that there is a very high chance your viewer is using a mobile device made by Apple, thus, unsupported proprietary tech should either be discouraged, or must have fall-back content.

    • mary

      Great takeaway!

      Thanks for the tip. 😀 It means we have to have at least one of these devices (or have a friend who does) so we can test our websites for it.

      And is that a hidden nudge to check that our flash-based content has a decent back-up in case the visitor is using an Apple device? 😀

  • trashbox_ph


    By combining the market share of an MP3 player, Smartphone & tablet and assuming the entirety of the population as Apple fans on which makes up a total of 53% is just plain stupid!!!

    • actually if you think of it in a simpler form…

      if you take 10 people who owns a tablet… it’s very safe to say that 4 or 5 of them has the iPad while the rest are divided into android tablets and probably 1 uses a playbook.

      • Pinoy Persuasion

        If you are taking of Pinoys and tablets, please count those who use the so-called “aPads” from China and other cheap Android tablets (plus the expensive Galaxy Tabs and Asus Transformers, etc), okay? And if you do, I think they will outnumber the iPad owners.

        • Pinoy Persuasion

          I meant “talking” not “taking,” typo 😉

  • trashbox_ph

    Even the Apple Mobile device penetration rate of 69.2% in the Philippines is questionable??/ where the heck did the researcher gets his data?? have he/she looked around lately in the streets of the Philippines and see what majority of the Filipinos are holding?

  • Pinoy Persuasion

    The title is really confusing: “Apple accounts to 53% of e-mobile device market share in Southeast Asia.” Then it says, “Report shows that 11.8 million internet users in Southeast Asia use Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch…” I am not saying the blogger is to blame here, the whole study which he based his article is misleading. First, “e-mobile device” is defined as what? Devices where people connect to the Internet? If that is so, there is really something wrong in that study, I am not buying that, no. There are old Nokia phones which can connect to the Net and many Pinoys still use them, and then add to that the old and new Samsung devices, the Android tablets, the Cherry Mobiles, the China phones which can connect to the Net, the aPads, etc, versus a few thousand people who use iDevices?

  • Teabag Deluxe

    This study is very misleading. It didn’t take into account the market share, penetration and sales of all mobile devices with internet access capability – just the ones that connect to the internet on a regular basis, then tries to pass it off as market share. Of course iDevices will come out on top – only the people that can afford the data charges will use it constantly, and a lot of these rich people use these iDevices.

    I have quite a lot of friends you could consider “rich”, but I can count with two hands the number that owns iDevices. One hand should be enough if I’m only counting the iDevice owners in my group of friends that constantly connect to the internet.

  • Hmmm… simple lang nman yan, kung may pambili ka ng mamahaling products, in most cases mas capable ka rin gumastos for mobile internet using your device. It’s highly inaccurate sa tingin ko kung yan ang basihan.

  • echusera

    this is plain PRESS RELEASE! Have you seen the mobile communities? At least the local ones.ANDROID DEVICES OF DIFFERENT CLASSES AND PRICE SEGMENTS ARE THE ONES PREVALENT. And NIELSEN surveys says that android leads in asia. Now I trust that more than this unknown pr company

  • Marvin

    I Phones’s are awesome and I just love them. I get more accessories than other phone.