Apple iOS 4.2 is out, includes Find My iPhone for free

The iOS 4.2 is finally out and with it comes an interesting feature that Apple users would really like. The previously subscription-based Find My iPhone feature is finally free on the latest iOS firmware.

iOS 4.2

The Find My iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad helps you locate your missing device via its GPS/3G or WiFi and you can also initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. You will then be able to locate your gadget on a map online. This feature was available before to those with a MobileMe subscription for $99 per year. With iOS 4.2 however, the service is already built-in and you only need your iTunes account to use it.

The most who will benefit the most from the release of iOS 4.2 will be the iPad users where they can enjoy Game Center, unified mailbox, Multitasking and the Folders feature without the need to jailbreak.

New features on the iOS 4.2 is the AirPrint for wireless printing and AirPlay for wireless audio and video streaming from your device to your Apple TV.

The iOS 4.2 is compatible to the iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4), iPod Touch (2G, 3G, 4G) and the iPad. However, the Find My iPhone service will only work on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and the iPad. To update, simply connect your device to your machine and launch iTines where you will be prompted.

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  • drew

    Hi, I was just wondering how will the Find My iPod Touch work? Does it have a GPS chip? Will the GPS chip be activated on iOS 4.2? Thanks.

    • i have to correct my post, only device with a-gps is the iphone and the ipad 3g. for ipad wifi and ipod touch, it will still rely on wifi which makes it less effective.

      • drew

        Hi Calvin, thanks for your reply. Out of curiosity again, if it would rely on wifi, what if somebody got your iPod Touch and he doesn’t connect to wifi initially but deletes first all your data and connect after. Will ‘Find My iPhone’ be able to find it still? Thanks again.

        • no it won’t but at least you don’t have to worry about your data :P. it’s not a fool-proof service because it’s easy to counter it. do a reset, turn off push notification, turn off location services, turn off mobileme. however, it’s still new so thieves might not know about it. hehehe.

    • Aim


      Will globe telecom charge for this? If my iphone is signed on to the app, does that mean we are billed every minute of the day for the gps?

  • Loi

    I tried it but it always gives me a “no location available” message. Does this mean this service is not available in the Philippines?

    • that could be the case.