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Apple iPad 2 set to arrive in the Philippines on April 29

Whoopdeedoo. Still no hard and concrete facts but this news is leaning towards the truth although no official word yet from our friends at Apple Philippines.

When Apple announced last week that the iPad 2 will arrive in 13 more countries by the end of April, who would’ve thought Philippines would also be included? They didn’t mention which countries are included although we’re sure about Singapore and Hong Kong, but Philippines?


News first came in last Saturday (post was now removed) courtesy of local tech site, TechNoodling, who we all know has strong ties to Digital Hub/Digital Walker. In the case of Digital Walker, we heard reports that the iPad 2 will only be initially available to some of their branches: Market Market, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Place Ermita.

Power MAC Center also posted the news on their Facebook page, which was now also conveniently deleted. However, reports are coming in that PMC staffs are already informed about the launch of iPad 2 but expect it to be in limited quantities.

Now the big question is, why were these posts deleted? Anyhow, whether to stem the excitement as not to cause the stores to be overwhelmed or maybe Apple Philippines placed an embargo on the news until they release something official, iPad 2 fans should be excited.

UPDATE: Power MAC Center at SM MOA denies the Friday launch of the iPad 2. It’s still a go though according to Digital Hub staffs.

UPDATE: Apple Phils. requested its resellers to delete or recall any information that was leaked regarding the April 29 launch until an official statement is announced. [Yugatech]


And if we’re going to follow the pricing of the original iPad when it first arrived last December, iPad 2 prices would look like these (not official prices):

16GB WiFi ““ Php23,990
32GB WiFi ““ Php28,990
64GB WiFi ““ Php33,990

16GB 3G+WiFi ““ Php30,990
32GB 3G+WiFi ““ Php35,990
64GB 3G+WiFi ““ Php40,990

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  • Messie

    Oh, even the Technoodling article was taken off. Pero nandun pa rin iyung link sa summary for the week nila. Smells fishy ahhh… Might be a last minute pullback by Apple or a sudden decision to make it a surprise. Baka kasi magkaroon ng massive rallies if magkaroon ng big stir, then come Friday, each branch will only have one or two units. Haha! Tapos mahaba na ang line, and mayron talagang nagovernight! Gulo iyan for sure! tsk tsk. =D

  • Wingzero

    iPad 2 will not only be launched in Apple Stores, they will also launch in Avant Greenbelt4 and Electroworld Parksquare. Simultaneous with the other Apple stores.

    Both these stores already have iPad 1 Apple-approved displays.

  • pao

    Did you guys really check Technoodling for the post? It’s still there: http://technoodling.net/breaking-news-ipad-2-coming-to-the-philippines-on-april-29-2011/