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Apple iPad 3 next month? Will it come with unexciting upgrades?

According to All Things D‘s sources, Apple is planning to hold an event on the first week of March to announce the iPad 3, or whatever Apple is going to call the next iPad.

Looking back last year, it was also the first week of March (March 2 to be exact) when Apple announced the iPad 2. Then it was made available in less than a couple of weeks so there’s also a possibility that people will be owning the next iPad next month.

So what can we expect from the iPad 2’s successor? If rumors and speculations are to be believed, we’ll be seeing a faster processor, a better graphics chip and also higher display resolution.

width="250"Frankly speaking, if these are the improvements we’d get, then it’s going to be one unexciting update. I’ve been using the iPad 2 a lot again lately and it doesn’t seem to lag at all, and games play well for the most part. I don’t find the display lacking either despite other tablets out there have better display specs. These upgrades would just force developers to create more graphic/resource-intensive games which would then cripple previous iPad versions.

What would make a good iPad 3? iPhone 4S quality camera perhaps? Longer battery life is always a good thing. Bigger storage at a cheaper cost, or a microSD slot? We need to consider that premium iPad games are eating up a lot of storage. A slightly smaller size for more portability might also shake things up but it won’t bode well for app developers.

Anyway, the mere fact that we’re near the announcement of the next iPad is an exciting moment by itself.

So what do you like to see on the next iPad?

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  • simplynice93

    I would want iPad3 to have 2 variants:
    A. w/ 3G & Wifi
    A.1. Cheaper (<PHP20K)
    A.2. Thinner than iPad2
    B. w/ 4G, Wifi & NFC
    B.1. Super AMOLED screen
    B.2. Dual Core processor
    B.3. w/ microSD
    B.4. Higher storage
    B.5. Shockproof up to 2m(optional)

    • camhiliciouz

      a proper upgrade i guess with the screen is Retina Display.

      cheers mate.

      • the next iPad will most likely have Retina Display.

      • JmBalicano

        A Retina display will require some serious processing and GPU power just to fill all those pixels. Manufacturing the display to maintain those 300+ ppi will be a feat in itself. Then there’s ensuring the new iPad will retain the same level of responsiveness as what we’re already accustomed to despite having to push all those pixels. Not that I doubt Apple will be able to do it right. They’ve always seemed to dictate what their loyal customer base perceives as “right”.

    • androidisthefuture

      Why wait for features that’s already with the latest android tabs? Apple’s tech specs will always be one step behind. Buying apple nowadays is just for social status but it’s a dying breed.

  • R2

    a smaller size option, for portability, 7″ is great.

  • ac7

    quad core,higher capacity,flash support….. šŸ˜‰

  • Griswold

    capacity upgrade. no more 16GB… 32GB but the price of 16GB. add a 128GB version. maybe a microUSB port na rin and have it act as an external hard drive natively. kahit magdedicate lang sila ng partition for your files.

    • JmBalicano

      High capacity SSDs are starting to find their way to the market so it’s curious why Apple hasn’t already made 64gb or 128gb versions of their iPads considering they are being marketed as laptop replacements and mobile media consumption devices. The iPod Classic had a larger capacity, which is pretty ironic since it was only meant to play songs while an iPad is a media consumption monster.

  • Jonathan

    Just copy the Asus Transformer Prime. Just imagine, a Macbook Air style thinness and the screen would be detachable, which is… (Tada!) the iPad3!

    Apple should not worry about people saying they just copied others, remember, they copied apple first! šŸ™‚

  • thejorlanb

    Apple Rumors.Apple Rumors.Apple Rumors.Apple Rumors.Apple Rumors.

    iFans dream, other brand’s Reality.