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Apple iPhone 6 will be available in two models with bigger screen size than iPhone 5S


With Samsung on the heels of launching the Galaxy S5, Apple knows that it must start to create hype for the iPhone 6. And what better way to do this but through the Wall Street Journal which just published a report (citing reliable sources) saying that the next iPhone will be released in two models. Both iPhone 6 models will be sporting bigger screen size than the current iPhone 5S. And yes, just like the business model introduced by way of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the iPhone 6 models will also be priced differently. Meaning, one will be cheaper than the other.

The good news here is that the cheaper iPhone 6 will not be sporting the same plastic casing used by the iPhone 5C. Instead, Apple will use metal casing for both iPhone 6 models. As for the screen size, according to the WSJ, the premium iPhone 6 model will be feature a screen size measuring around 5-inch diagonally while the other will have around 4.6-inches screen size. With those sizes, we can now safely say that Apple is finally entering the so-called “phablet” craze.

While reaction to this will vary across iPhone fans. I guess it’s about time that Apple take the next step and make the next iPhone bigger than the current ones. I was expecting Apple to do this last year in the iPhone 5S but was kind of disappointed when it did not materialize. So it seems that Apple made the wrong decision back then as both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C failed to create a huge impact in the market as previous iPhone models did.

Finally, WSJ says that the iPhone 6 will be announced this fall in the U.S. with the smaller iPhone further along in development while the bigger one still in preliminary development.

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  • bliss

    what? who’s the source? other sites are reporting differently…isn’t it 4.8″ and 6″? there’s no point in having a 4.6 and 5 iphone…the difference is too small

  • rnold

    The WSJ report says that one iPhone 6 will have a screen bigger than 5-inch while the other one will a screen size of around 4 1/2 inch.