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Apple is world’s no. 2 smartphone seller

Apple continues to grow their business on the smartphone department. In a recent study conducted by IDC which was released this week; it revealed that Apple, currently the second worldwide seller of smartphones is now getting close to overtaking the current number one seller, Nokia.
The figures states that Apple shipped a total of 18.7M of smartphones in the first quarter of 2011. IDC reports that the worldwide smartphone market grew to almost 80%  year over year in the first quarter of 2011, driven by a mixture of vendors releasing attractive & anticipated models, availability of older entry level smartphones at a very competitive prices, and sustained end-user demand.

Top vendors like Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia shipped a total of 99.6M of smartphones in 1Q11.

The top five worldwide vendors

Nokia – Surprisingly, they managed to stay on top as market share for  Symbian-powered smartphones remained strong within its traditionally strongest markets of EMEA and Asia/Pacific. The company continues to announce more devices running on Symbian, including the E6 and the X7.

Apple reached a new record shipment volume in a single quarter closing in to market leader Nokia. Moreover, Apple expanded its market in Korea & in the Middle East by enlisting South Korean Telecom and Saudi Telecom as carrier providers of the iPhone. Locally, Apple’s iPhone is exclusively available from Globe Telecom.

Research In Motion (RIM) the maker of Blackberry phones remains solid in third place from the previous quarter, as the company grew its presence outside of its home territory of North America. RIM has launched several 3G devices in the market with 4G phones coming soon.

Samsung which I call the new Nokia in the Philippines. (In the 90s’ you will see 90% of mobile phone users has Nokia) posted the largest gain of any other vendor on the list. Their strategy – manufacture  multiple models in different price points from low-end ones to high-end premium phones.

And finally, HTC (who has been so aggressive in the market recently) posted yet another record shipment volume. They almost surpassed the ten million unit mark for the first time.

Prelim figures for Q1-2011.

Vendor2001-Q1 Shipments2001-Q1 Market Share1Q10 Shipments1Q10 Market Share1Q11/1Q10 Change
Research In Motion13.914.0%10.619.1%31.1%

Source – IDC


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  • Too bad Sony Ericsson is not in the list. I’m a huge fan of SE!

  • Really?!.. I always thought, Samsung was way higher than apple.. So was SonyEricsson.. Apple is really amazing.. I think, im starting to like apple..

  • 21

    people started to like RIM. Why? i think, people thought BB is for rich people. or, BB is for emails. Iphone is for decent apps.

    Nokia is for everyone !!!

  • Totally agree with you 21.. hahaha..

  • Casey

    Me too I agree. 😀

    • Well most of us were surprised by this development.. Kala ko nga ang bagong Nokia is Samsung! 🙂

  • wiz

    SE is not on the list. well SE is still number 1 in terms of design. hehehe

  • Eason

    Well, Nokia is indeed struggling now. Will all the brands showcasing Android it shows that Samsung and HTC has the Guns to show that they provide better Android Phones.

    As for Apple…well its apple :))

    RIM is really good, their simplicity of providing nothing but what you want is their goal.

    I was expecting LG to be in, but I remembered that they were also in a situation last year, and just got up by joining the Android frenzy.

    S.E for me it really good, another brand you should have expected in the list, but in their recent releases of models its no doubt that its good but lacks in one factor…price difference against other brands. (They are always 3-5k higher than other same specs phones)

  • Air21

    Time will come, Rim will go on top. just a little marketing strategy and bringing up good phones. However, Nokia is still trusted by many.

  • Shar

    wow .. NOKIA is the best 🙂

  • For me it is still a good thing that apple made it to top 2. The competition on smartphones is not easy.