Apple makes iPod Shuffle 3G a lot smaller

Apple recently introduced the new 3rd generation iPod Shuffle and made it much smaller than its predecessor, almost half the size of the previous one. The Shuffle 3G also has bigger capacity at 4GB (approximately 1,000 songs) and has a new feature that dictates the name and artist of the song you are listening (of course, when there’s some ID3 tags in there).

ipod shuffle 3g

Probably the biggest change Apple did to the Shuffle was to remove the playback controls and shifted it to the earphones. While that may seem to be a bold move, others have criticized this as counter-intuitive. It means users must always have the earphones attached in order to control the Shuffle and that practically isolates it from other 3rd party headphones. Likewise, people using the iPod Shuffle and hook them in the car or to a stereo will not be able to control it as well. Apple states that they will provide licensing for 3rd party headphones.

The 4GB iPod Shuffle retails at the Apple Online Store Philippines at Php4,190.

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  • sam

    hmm… i’m not a fan of the dictating the artist and song title feature. it’s like downloading mp3’s that are ripped from radio shows with the dj mentioning the radio station.