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No iPhone 5? No problem. iPhone 4S saves the day.

Everybody who’s not working for Apple were expecting for the iPhone 5 announcement in today’s Apple keynote but all we got is the iPhone 4S. Yep, the highlight of the keynote is the iPhone 4S after recapping what was announced in WWDC last June, a bunch of so-so updates on the iPod nano and iPod Touch. No iPhone 5.

No iPhone 5 news didn’t really mean that the iPhone 4S announcement was a letdown. Well in a way, yes, but still the hardware upgrade they did on the iPhone 4S is something that’s worth talking about. There’s nothing different physically with the iPhone 4, the magic happens on the inside.

iphone 4S A5

The iPhone 4S is powered by the new A5 chip dual-core processor and its dual-core graphics which is said to be  seven times faster as that of the iPhone 4. Good news for the gamers who enjoy playing 3D games on the iPhone.

Then there’s also the much-improved camera. They really did quite a number here. The iPhone 4 was already a good camera on its own but the iPhone 4S will going to kick things up a notch or two.

iphone 4s camera

Apple bumped the megapixel count from 5 to 8 but we all know higher megapixel doesn’t really equate to better picture. So Apple also changed the sensor to a backside illuminated CMOS so more light (73%) could come in and it’s now faster too. Then they included a hybrid IR filter for better colors and upgraded it to what they call a five-element lens which gives you more sharper photos and a f/2.4 aperture. Hello indoor shots. Apple also designed a new Image Signal Processor for face detection and better white balance. Basically, the camera on the iPhone 4S will rock!

Other upgrades include better battery life, improved wireless performance including support for both GSM and CDMA for the frequent travelers out there. iPhone 4S will also have 1080p HD video recording and of course, the highly-anticipated iOS 5.

Lastly, Apple demoed Siri, the amazing personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. It intelligently responds to a lot of voice commands that are spoken naturally. You can say “œWake me up at 6AM” and Siri will set your alarm clock for you. Ask for the weather forecast to a certain place or the time in a different country and Siri will have the answer for you.

Siri demo

It’s really, really impressive based on the demo they did. You can have Siri send text messages for you, create or cancel appointments, search the web, play a certain song, read your message or e-mail, look for Greek restaurants or gas stations nearby.

If there are three things that you would compel you to get the iPhone 4S, it’s the faster chip, better camera and Siri in any order. It’s not the iPhone 5 that we expected from this keynote but the iPhone 4S is still impressive on its own right. The iPhone 4S will either come in black or white and at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version. Will keep you posted with local pricing and availability once we have them.

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  • On the one hand I’m pretty glad that I won’t feel compelled to upgrade but, on the other I had really hoped to see a complete redesign.

    I love the iPhone 4 and think that it still outclasses anything else on the market when it comes to build quality but, I love seeing new Apple designs.

    The 4S is definitely a better upgrade than the 3GS was but, it’s still a bit of a let down

  • Ryozen

    It would have been a different story if Jobs presented the 4S. Hehe.

  • JericUnlimited

    >was expecting hardware improvements (e.g.increase in screen size, thinner profile, & aluminum casing for a more sturdy build) where most iPhone users would go for as a differentiating factor to last years iP4. however it boils down to iOS app catalogue.

    >>however there are a lot of good features to expect from iOS5 (iMessage and notifications center) JericUnlimited(twitter)

    • JericUnlimited

      >>>will see more of google’s take for its Nexus Prime ready for primetime next week as well as nokia’s wp7 premium phones

  • Messie

    Disappointed. Nasira ang araw ko dito. After looking forward to something great, they came up with something “meh”. Almost year and half after they released the iphone 4 and they can only come up with this. *sigh*

  • A lot of people have been waiting for the iPhone 5. This might be a disappointment to most. There might be upgrades that Apple has added but the question is if it is worth upgrading to.

  • I think it was nothing but the usual marketing strategy. They wanted us to wait for an iPhone 5 so that we will hold back from buying other brand. Then came the “S” upgrade. Ganun din yan sa kotse… parang midlife facelift ng model.

    • JM

      I beg to disagree, Sir. Highly competitive ang tech market to be compared to car markets. In weeks time, laging may mas maganda na lumalabas. iPhone’s hardware bump and Siri is nothing more than a strategy to stay relevant among the current smart phones in the market. What cooks can’t do that Jobs has done perfectly well is to look forward and be innovative. I guess Cooks mandate now is to sue every brand in the market so that they could monopolize the smart phone arena. Hehehehehe just kidding. Peace

  • Yikes…

    Can you install Siri on your old iPhone 4?

    • BertSingson

      According to other tech sites, Siri will soon be available to iOS5 devices. And iOS5 will be available by October 12 to iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3Gs and to answer your question, to iPhone 4.

  • r41n

    Ok lng din kahit di na redesign. Maganda naman ung design ng iPhone 4 e. Hindi katulad nung Galaxy S2 ang panget (except ung AT&T version. maganda design nun). Plus maganda ung camera. Others might prefer smaller screen.

  • Griswold

    I think the ones to blame are the rumormongers of the iPhone 5. masyado tayong na-spoil and na-entice ng bigger screen, slimmer build, etc.

    iphone 3 – jun 2008
    iphone 3Gs – july 2009
    iphone 4 – jun 2010
    iphone 4s – 2011

    medyo delayed lang a few months yung announcement pero still this is a better upgrade compared to the 3 to 3GS.

    ang letdown talaga is walang bagong ipods!!!

  • Robin Lim

    Last month Samsung announced this phone:

    Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE – 4.65-inch 720p screen, 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, HSPA+ and LTE… and LG also announced a similar one.

    And we have not even seen the new Nexus yet.

    The iPhone 4S is pretty much and equivalent of the now no longer top of the line Samsung Galaxy S II, But the phone is was designed to match (not beat), is well, no longer Samsungs flagship.

    I think we will be seeing an iPhone 5 in six months time.

  • Siri is probably the only interesting feature of Iphone4s. And i think this feature has been in other previous gadgets. Can you ask Siri Miss Universe questions, too? Kidding. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I’m a big fan of the iPhone 4S camera. Some of the photography apps are fun. The accessories you can get for it are amazing too. The Olloclip is pretty ace. Worth checking out anyway.

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  • Sam Kapoor

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