Apple Store down, new iPad may be available on March 16

The Apple Store has been down for hours before the great iPad launch event which is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET. You know what this means?


Just like last year after the launch of the iPad 2, we’ll most probably see the pre-order and pricing of the new iPad after the event which I know you must be excited about if you’re still up reading this.

There’s also a report coming from 9 to 5 Mac’s Apple store source that the new iPad will be available in US stores next Friday, March 16. Sounds realistic if we again consider the iPad 2 which became available the following Friday after it was launched.

Whether you’re going to get the new iPad via online or wait for it to reach store shelves, expect a lot of competition from eager fans awaiting this product. It’s odd really considering that people are already expecting the next iPad to just be a minor upgrade from the iPad 2.

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