Apple TV not likely to sell much in the Philippines

Strolling down a local mall, I found out that the Apple TV is already available in the Philippines for about 17K.

I was not really interested in buying one at this time and I think the Philippine market is likewise not ready for this one yet. And here are my reasons:

1. You have to buy an HDTV first.

While it is true that the costs are coming down (the 32″ megapixel ones are nearing the 50K mark the last time I checked), I think the cost is still out of reach for most Filipinos.

2. The presence of alternative acceptable solutions.

Even assuming you have something that can handle an Apple TV, there are alternative solutions to stream your content to it, and these solutions even include non-iTunes content. Personally, I just run off my content via the VGA port, with decent results…

3. And the top reason for me: Lack of content.

For as long as the iTunes Store is not servicing the Philippines, that Apple TV will be a hard sell. Of course, there are other ways to put content there, but I think the effort will not justify the purchase.

Feel free to disagree, however…

But that Apple Airport Extreme Base Station at 14K is another story…

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  • you dont even need an HDTV to start off with… how about an LCD monitor… plus this unit is a cheap hackable computer… probably the cheapest OS X installable apple computer there is.

  • Other alternatives:

    1. Hook up a Macbook via a mini-DVI to video adapter cable directly to my TV. With Front Row and the Apple Remote, you’ll get a very Apple-TV like experience. Just like the Apple TV, the Macbook can wirelessly stream audio and video content via iTunes’ sharing facility – any videos already in iTunes that reside in my PC desktop can be played back on the Mac via 802.11g wifi, without stuttering.

    2. Buy generic A/V cables and swap around the connectors to allow a TV to output video played back on a 5G Video iPod. Get the Apple Universal Dock and an Apple Remote and you have remote control capability.

    3. The last alternative is the simplest and cheapest – buy a generic DVD player that can play DivX and Xvid files. Burn your .AVIs on DVDs and CDs and you’re good to go. It’s a sneakernet solution for sure, but it works.

  • Philippine residents generally do not use iTunes services. So there is no reason to use Apple TV.

    Cheaper alternative is to buy a video card that you can hook up to your TV with AV cables.

  • neonego

    isang apple t.v? – sweldo ko na yan ng limang buwan.

  • roland

    I already have something that is way better than apple TV… it’s my Modded Xbox with XBox Media Center… It can play vids off my network drive (all flavors including ogg, xvid,divx,wmv, etc), even youtube, dvds, VCD, DVD full of realplayer, MP4, Divx, etc… on ordinary TV.. you can also use a component cable (or a converter to DVI) and use an HDTV (1080i or 720p), or to your PC monitor (DVI)… You can plug it to the internet and get RSS feeds, weather, MP3… Oh, it can also play xbox games (SNES, Gameboy, MAME, SEGA, DOOM, SCUMM, etc)…

  • neonego

    yeah, roland. even ipod nano can play games, avi etc. better if i could wait for the xbox elite edition.

  • I think joachim’s right, there’s no point getting an HDTV, nor is it necessary (I think?) seeing as iTunes doesn’t even offer HD content yet. The fact that we can’t even purchase anything off iTunes makes the whole point moot though, unless you feel like hacking the appleTV to make a powered down mac mini.

  • cup noodles

    Just buy a bigger monitor 22″ and use iTunes from your PC easy and less expensive. Also you can use iTunes w/out using iTunes store.

  • ryan

    interesado po ako dito sa apple tv for one reason…. yung air play, tama po ba?
    need ko kasi for my lectures. its really nice kung magamit ko yung ipad ko during my lectures and wirelessly connect it with the LCD projector. saang mall nyo po nakita? thank you


    mahal sa 17K
    100 USD lang sa site ang ATV3