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Apple unveils the iPhone 5C, pushes the iPhone 5 out of the picture

Apple officially unveiled one of their newest iPhone earlier today, the iPhone 5C, where “œC” stands for color as it comes in five different colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, and White. It’s also going to be the affordable version of the iPhone having a polycarbonate shell instead of the usual aluminum.


The iPhone 5C is going to be thicker than the current iPhone 5 and will have slightly rounded corners. The single polycarbonate body will have a flat, shiny back. This move to the use of a less-premium material will allow Apple to compete with Samsung and Huawei in emerging markets, giving budget-conscious consumers a taste of the iPhone experience.

But how does it differ from the current iPhone 5 internally? Well it won’t. It effectively replaces the iPhone 5 which is now discontinued. It has the same screen size and resolution, same A6 chip, same 8-megapixel camera, and same support for LTE. The iPhone 5C won’t come in a 64GB capacity though and it’s slightly heavier than the iPhone 5 but it will have a slightly bigger battery and better front-facing cam.

No dates have been announced yet for its availability here in the Philippines but expect the unlocked 16GB model to be priced in the Php26k range and the 32GB in the Php32k range (same price as the 16GB iPhone 5S).

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  • in Goods.ph online shopping store they are going to release this iPhone 5C soon

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